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[vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (April 26th 2018)

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Orange Crossbow "Triumvirate Crossbow" | Witch Hunter (Master Crafted, Bloodlust, Regrowth) – 6 keys

Red Beam Staff "Strahl Weltbrenner" | Bright Wizard (Distraction, Stability, Regrowth) – 10 keys

Orange Hammer and Shield "Drakk Bak Un Karin" | Dwarf (Perfect Balance, Scavenger, Regrowth) – 6 keys


Castle Drachenfels (DLC) – (0/8 Chests Opened) – Increased Stamina (1h) + 1 key

Black Powder – (0/15 Chests Opened) – 25 Orange gems + 1 key

The Cursed Rune (DLC) – (0/70% Team Protection: Specials) – Increased Damage (2h)

The Horn of Magnus – (0/4 Team Protection: Death) – 35 Green gems

The Courier (DLC) – (0/3 Tomes Collected) – 30 Blue gems


Ram The Manparts – (0/85% Team Protection: Specials) – 30 Orange gems


3/6 DLC Contracts, one key contract behind DLC, no doubles today.

The alternative traits on the red are Skirmisher, Stability, and Bloodlust.

Also the crossbow is basically a medic-gun, and you can only roll this on the crossbow. I thought it was only on the dwarf crossbow, but apparently it's Saltz's. I'll be picking it up, rather than grabbing my 3rd red beam I think, because it is interesting if nothing else 😉

Oh, and I'm dropping the 'PC' from the title from now on, as it occurred to me that it isn't needed now that the console and PC versions are the same. Please correct me if I'm wrong, console people!

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