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[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (April 28th 2018)

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Orange Repeater Handgun "Ursula" | Empire Soldier (Extra Capacity, Targeteer, Master Crafted) – 6 keys

Orange Trinket "Charm of the Hedge Wizard" | When healing yourself, allies within 15m are also healed for 20% of their missing health – 9 keys

Blue Trinket "Teufel Perch" | When using healing…stuff! there is a 15% chance for it not to be consumed – 7 keys


Summoner's Peak (DLC) – (0/1 Rat Ogre Slain) – Increased Defence (2h) + 1 key

Well Watch – (0/70% Team Protection: Specials) – 45 Orange gems + 1 key

Reikwald Forest (DLC) – (0/1 Grimoire Found) – Increased Damage (2h)

The Enemy Below – (0/9 Damage Avoidance) – 30 Green gems

Castle Drachenfels (DLC) – (0/2 Grimoires Found) – 40 Blue gems

Well Watch – (0/3 Chests Opened) – 25 Orange gems



3/6 DLC Contracts, one key contract behind DLC, double on Well Watch.

The orange trinket is one of the best in the game because it pulls team mates out of bleedout when you have only a health potion. I run this (coupled with Dove of Shallya) on my bots quite often. I could just use QoL to make them only heal on command, but meh.

The traits on the handgun look ok to me – no haste but MC is good, as is extra cap. Perch is useful if you are in a map that has limited supplies (looking at you, last stand!) and/or want a medic-build.

Pro-tip for anyone wanting to do the easy summoner's map but who is bored on easy but otherwise hates SP – stick it on Stormie Mutation (in the QoL mod) for some fun and games! I suggest Easy though, unless you're more experienced with the mode. Either way, I guarantee you'll get your share of ogre kills to complete the contract! Just stick to the walls, and watch the cliff edges… 😉

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