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[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (August 31, 2018)

chivalry screenshot1 - [Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (August 31, 2018)


BlueSword"Captain's Arming Sword"(Swift Slaying , Killing Blow )Empire Soldier– 4 Keys
OrangeFlame Sword"Flamestrike Sword"(Safety in Numbers, Improved Guard, Earthing Rune )Bright Wizard– 6 Keys
OrangeHat"Firey Justice"Bright Wizard– 8 Keys


Kahzid Kro (DLC)Easy– (0/1 Grimores Found) –Increased Stagger (1hr) + 1 Key
Wheat and ChaffNightmare– (0/20 Bomb Kills) –25 Orange Gems + 1 Key
Reikwald Forest (DLC)Easy– (0/4 Team Protection: Death) –Increased Damage (2hr)
Smugglers RunNormal– (0/4 Damage Avoidance) –25 Green Gems
Chain of Fire (DLC)Hard– (0/2 Tomes Collected) –25 Blue Gems
Wheat and ChaffNightmare– (0/20 Bomb Kills) –25 Orange Gems

3/6 DLC, 1 keys behind DLC, 0 Last Stand, 1 Doubles

Sword: KB is pretty good I think cause it helps deal with the armour issue, combined with dev blow would be even better for bullying stormvermin but its only a blue.

Flame Sword: Earthing rune and improved guard are great, flame sword isnt so great. But do try it sometime, burning ratty can be quite fun.

Firey Justice: Sienna hats are back again. Not a particularly interesting looking one.

Please click on the link on each weapon for trait recommendations and other nice tips. Heres the full discussion. Check out the older threads for more opinions.

And for you pc lads, use the Quality of Life mod.

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