Warhammer: Vermintide

[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (December 13, 2018)

warhammer 4 - [Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (December 13, 2018)


Color Type Name Traits Hero Keys
Orange Trueflight Longbow Wydrioth Trueflight Regrowth, Targeteer, Master Crafted Waywatcher 6 Keys
Blue Swift Bow Wildwood Hunting Bow Hail of Doom, Skirmisher Waywatcher 4 Keys
Orange Conflagration Staff Raging Flame River Staff Channeling Rune, Berserking, Bloodlust Bright Wizard 6 Keys


Map Difficulty Mission Reward
Summoner's Peak (DLC) Easy 0/4 Team Protection: Death Increased Defense (2hr) + 1 Key
Supply and Demand Nightmare 0/2 Tomes Collected 25 Orange Gems + 1 Key
Chain of Fire (DLC) Easy 0/6 Damage Avoidance Increased Stamina (1hr)
Ram the Manparts Normal 0/6 Damage Avoidance 25 Green Gems
The Fall (DLC, Last Stand) Veteran 0/13 Waves Defeated 25 Blue Gems
The Horn of Magnus Nightmare 0/20 Chests Opened 30 Orange Gems

3/6 DLC, 1 keys behind DLC, 1 Last Stand, 0 Doubles

Trueflight Longbow: Again, I dont think targeteer on a trueflight has any effect?

Swift Bow: Swift bow is fun, but its very underpowered for higher difficulties.

Conflagration Staff: This is pretty good, regrowth and haste would probably have better results but these should work fine.

Please click on the link on each weapon for trait recommendations and other nice tips. Heres the full discussion. Check out the older threads for more opinions.

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