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[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (june 17th 2018)

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - [Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (june 17th 2018)


Green Trinket "Night Runner's Skull" | You take 40% less damage from Gutter Runners – 4 keys

Blue Handgun "Duruk Thrund" | Dwarf (Hail of Doom, Regrowth) – 4 keys

Orange Rapier "Liebenstein Rapier" | Witch Hunter (Devastating Blow, Swift Slaying N, Bloodlust) – 6 keys


Khazid Kro (DLC) – (0/3 Chests Opened) – Increased Damage (2h) + 1 key

The Wizard's Tower – (0/16 Chests Opened) – 30 Orange gems + 1 key

The White Rat – (0/1 Mission Completed) – 60 Orange gems + 2 keys

Summoner's Peak (DLC) – (0/70% Team Protection: Specials) – Increased Damage (2h)

The Enemy Below – (0/2 Tomes Collected) – 25 Green gems

Reikwald Forest (DLC) – (0/1 Mission Completed) – 20 Blue gems


The White Rat – (0/9 Chests Opened) – 35 Orange gems


3/7 DLC Contracts, one key contract behind DLC. Double on the White Rat today.

Items are meh. Rapier is ok – swift slaying on an already quite fast weapon is a lot of fun. Trinket is one I've honestly never used though, and the gun is a blue.

For the cata, team work is required. You want to delete Roger either as quickly as possible before he really reaches you, or else have one person go up top to trigger the end event (you don't actually have to cut the chain, just go up there) then as a team bring him back down to the ground floor to kill him safely. Then head back up to take out the chains and finish the map.

Happy treasure and rat hunting today 🙂

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