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[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (October 14, 2018)

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BlueSwordAqshy Long SwordRegrowth , Devastating BlowBright Wizard4 Keys
BlueMace and ShieldMace & Ferlangen ShieldScavenger, Regrowth Empire Soldier4 Keys
BlueTrinketDove of ShallyaWhen using Medical Supplies on an ally, you will be healed for 60% of your missing health 7 Keys


The Courier (DLC)Cataclysm0/1 Mission Completion60 Orange Gems + 2 Keys
Reaching Out (DLC)Easy0/1 Mission CompletionIncreased Damage (2hr) + 1 Key
The Horn of MagnusNightmare0/1 Mission Completion20 Orange Gems + 1 Key
Kahzid Kro (DLC)Easy0/40 Bomb KillsIncreased Defense (2hr)
Smugglers RunNormal0/4 Team Protection: Death30 Green Gems
The Fungeons (DLC)Hard0/1 Grimores Found35 Blue Gems
The Horn of MagnusNightmare0/1 Rat Ogres Slain20 Orange Gems

4/7 DLC, 3 keys behind DLC, 0 Last Stand, 1 Doubles

Sword: So dev blow is great but I would prefer earthing rune or regrowth normal over regrowth charged.

Mace and Shield: On shield you actually want regrowth charged cause the shield attack has infinite targets for the proc but generally just dont use shields, they suck.

Dove of Shallya: A great healing trinket.

Please click on the link on each weapon for trait recommendations and other nice tips. Heres the full discussion. Check out the older threads for more opinions.

And for you pc lads, use the Quality of Life mod.

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