Warhammer: Vermintide

[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (October 31, 2018)

warhammer 3 - [Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (October 31, 2018)


OrangeMaceAshwrought CrusherDevastating Blow, Swift Slaying , Perfect BalanceBright Wizard6 Keys
GreenTrinketHelmgart Wine SkinWhen drinking a potion of Speed or Strength there is a 15% chance that it won't be consumed 5 Keys
BlueHammer and ShieldBrodag Grund Un KarinBloodlust, Devastating BlowDwarf Ranger4 Keys


Smugglers RunEasy0/1 Mission CompletionIncreased Defense (2hr) + 1 Key
The River Reik (DLC)Nightmare0/4 Chests Opened30 Orange Gems + 1 Key
Ram the ManpartsEasy0/85 Team Protection: SpecialsIncreased Stagger (1hr)
Reikwald Forest (DLC)Normal0/2 Grimores Found35 Green Gems
The Wizards TowerHard0/1 Mission Completion20 Blue Gems
The Fungeons (DLC)Nightmare0/1 Grimores Found35 Orange Gems

3/6 DLC, 1 keys behind DLC, 0 Last Stand, 0 Doubles

Mace: Dont know why youd want SS charged unless you want to go hammer time.

Helmgart Wine Skin: An ok proc chance, the orange is 25. But not very team friendly. Not ideal for most builds.

Hammer and Shield: Dev Blow + Shield = All the staggers

Please click on the link on each weapon for trait recommendations and other nice tips. Heres the full discussion. Check out the older threads for more opinions.

And for you pc lads, use the Quality of Life mod.


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