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[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts PC (September 30th 2018)

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Blue Conflagration Staff "Fierce Flame River Staff" | Bright Wizard (Haste, Hail of Doom) – 4 keys

Orange Headgear "<
Wild Heath Hood
" | Waywatcher – 8 keys

Blue Repeater Handgun "Master Engineer Repeater" | Empire Soldier (Extra Capacity, Master Crafted) – 4 keys


Chain of Fire (DLC) – (0/2 Chests Opened) – Increased Damage (2h) + 1 key

The White Rat – (0/1 Grimoire Found) – 40 Orange gems + 1 key

Summoner's Peak (DLC) – (0/1 Mission Completed) – 60 Orange gems + 2 keys

Summoner's Peak (DLC) – (0/1 Rat Ogre Slain) – Increased Damage (2h)

Smuggler's Run – (0/20 Bomb Kills) – 20 Green gems

Summoner's Peak (DLC) – (0/4 Team Protection: Death) – 40 Blue gems


Garden of Morr – (0/1 Grimoire Found) – 30 Orange gems


4/7 DLC Contracts, two key contracts behind DLC, including the cata. Triple up on Summoner's today, what a time to be alive.

So how to do Summoner's on Cata. Well, not with bots. Or at least that will make your life significantly harder. Get a good team and communicate, and it shouldn't actually be too bad.

The items today are meh. Decent traits on the gun, but it is a blue so you'll probably not keep it long anyway.

Came out of retirement to fill in today, hence stubbornly sticking to my old format. But it seems I was rewarded with F A S H I O N.

Edit: Hats are 8 keys, not 9. Derp.

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