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[Vermintide1] Quests and Contracts (September 29, 2018)

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Color Type Name Traits Hero Keys
Orange Swift Bow Thornstorm Hawk Eye, Master Crafted, Bloodlust Waywatcher 6 Keys
Orange Sword Reiksguard Arming Sword Devastating Blow, Regrowth , Perfect Balance Empire Soldier 6 Keys
Blue Beam Staff Vicious Shrieker Staff Regrowth, Channeling Rune Bright Wizard 4 Keys


Map Difficulty Mission Reward
Castle Drachenfels (DLC) Easy 0/2 Grimores Found Increased Stagger (1hr) + 1 Key
Wheat and Chaff Nightmare 0/1 Rat Ogres Slain 20 Orange Gems + 1 Key
The Cursed Rune (DLC) Easy 0/2 Tomes Collected Increased Stamina (1hr)
Smugglers Run Normal 0/1 Rat Ogres Slain 20 Green Gems
Reikwald Forest (DLC) Hard 0/1 Rat Ogres Slain 20 Blue Gems
The Enemy Below Nightmare 0/40 Bomb Kills 20 Orange Gems

3/6 DLC, 1 keys behind DLC, 0 Last Stand, 0 Doubles


Swift Bow: It would be very hard to take advantage of the mastercrafted, especially if you are aiming for headshots, but could be very fun.

Sword: Defintely a workable weapon, sword in general is a bit more difficult than the other weapons but with dev blow you can be invincible.

Beam Staff: While its mostly single target, the frequency of attacks makes regrowth a strong trait.

Please click on the link on each weapon for trait recommendations and other nice tips. Heres the full discussion. Check out the older threads for more opinions.

And for you pc lads, use the Quality of Life mod.

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