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Vermintide’s 6th Hero: Genevieve Dieudonne

warhammer 9 - Vermintide's 6th Hero: Genevieve Dieudonne


I think alot of fans lamented the implementation of the Grail Knight as a simple career for Markus rather than a full-fledged character to add to the Ubersreik 5. Adding someone completely new to the mix is not something that should be done lightly considering how well established the 5 have become over the past 4ish years, but of all Warhammer Fantasy, 1 character in particular always stuck out to me as a no-brainer inclusion because of their heavy links to alot of elements in the game; from Constant Drachanfels to Parravon, to Imperial Pubs, Ostland and their cameo in the End Times. That character, of course, being Genevieve Dieudonne.

Genevieve is one of the original characters from Warhammer Fantasy, being the arch-nemesis of Constant Drachenfels and the leading lady of her own series of novels. Gen was born to a noble Bretonnian family in Parravon (where Kruber's Dragon slaying ancestor is from) and when she was just a girl, her home city was despoiled and her family murdered by Constant Drachenfels.

Many years later, when she reached the age of majority she was seduced by a Lahmian Vampire who gave her the Blood Kiss and transformed her into one of their kind, but like most Vampires, Genevieve wasn't overcome by her hunger for blood and stayed a morally good character. Still, after the change, she'd travel the world adventuring and trying to find herself, from the Southern Realms and Araby to the far east.

She spent a whole century travelling through Cathay and Nippon and spent 3 decades under the tutelage of "master Po", a martial arts master who taught her of their culture and customs, trained her to fight and even wield magic. Upon her return to the Empire Genevieve didn't find the high society to her liking and so spend many years working at the Altdorf Crescent Moon Inn (not unlike the Red Moon Inn) That is, until she was approached by the prince of Ostland (where Kruber was stationed in his army days) and together, the pair sought out and defeated Drachenfels.


Many years later she was invited to a play written about her exploits that was attended by Karl Franz himself and she saved the Emperor from Drachenfels. After that she was a spy for the cult of Ulric, fought against a Chathayan Tzeench cult, the list goes on. Eventually, she has a cameo in the End Times where she says that she'd like to see the end of the world through in her home of Parravon.

So here we have an awesome Bretonnian Lahmian Vampire who was the original nemesis to Drachenfels and she even has a loreful reason for helping the Ubersriek 5 with Drachenfels and other things in the area in this time period (and the events of her books are referenced already in the Drachenfels missions I believe).

In Terms of Classes and Weapons, Genevieve could bring to the table:

— pure Vampire class where she's focused on temp health and regen, like the "Natural Bond" trait (she could have no means of healing outside of this and be forced to use her skills to generate temp health and convert it into real health). Her abilities and specials could be focused on draining the life force from enemies and converting it into health.

— Based on her eastern training under Master Po, she could have a Cathayan Vampire Warrior class with Chinese/Japanese inspired weaponry (Glave, Naginata, Tetsubo, Dao and so on), martial arts, an Emphasis on Dodge, dash and movement speed, with a Martial Mastery type skillset (where she gets alot of buffs when she's over x amount of health) which would reward her for avoiding damage and make her a very effective glass cannon with alot of momentum.

— Based on her Lineage she could have a Bretonnian Damsel support class focused on healing the team.

— She could also have a Spellcasting lore of Death/Vampires class taking from the magic she learned, with those scythe staffs that could double as a weapon.

— finally, taking from her time in Nippon, her Lahmian Bloodline and her time as a spy for the cult of Ulric, Genevieve could have a Vampyric assassin career in a similar way to the shade, but with more of an emphasis on ranged, magic, temp health generation, etc based on the traits already discussed.

What do you guys think? sorry if it's a little long-winded, There was alot to get through ^_^

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