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Vermintide’s Next Top Mod – Mod Making Contest

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Announcement 1: I am pushing back the due date an entire month to the end of July!

Rationale: I started this contest because I wanted to do something that would provide just a small sense of urgency to push those people who see Verm modding and think to themselves, “that could be cool, I should try that someday I think I could do it.” I am so happy with the number of new faces trying their hands out in modding right now! I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get their feet under them before we close the contest and based on the feedback I have received from a few of those new modders I believe that they will need another month to really cook something up they want to put their name to.

**Announcement 2: Fatshark has decided to match the prize pool. $600 up for grabs folks!

In the meantime, be sure to check out:
PropJoe’s Spawn Tweaks
SkacikPL?’s Perfect Dark
Dark’s DoubleUp (double melee)
Sir Aiedail’s Spawn Sack Rats
dlang’s Barrels Spawns For The Memes! aka the Barrel Meta
Grim’s new mutation mod too, but I can’t seem to find it right now? Called MythicVanguard iirc

So What Is The Mod Making Contest?

Hey folks and welcome to the new world; if you haven’t heard, public mods are here (see below for details)! The Vermintide’s Next Top Mod contest is simple. At some point in June (Deadline: Midnight on 30 June your time), release an original mod that alters Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s gameplay in some significant way. Teaming up and contributing as a group is perfectly acceptable. After the deadline, a group of experienced modders, Vermintide veterans, and Reddit moderators will collaborate to choose their top 3 favorites. The winners will receive a cool cash prize, their mod featured at the Vermintide subreddit and a Youtube showcase of their mod in action. I’m putting $300 towards the prize pool myself, but it just might grow from there (if you are interested PM me on Discord). EDIT: Fatshark has decided to match the prize pool, $600 up for grabs now folks!


The competition is for the “best original gameplay mod”, by which we mean a mod that provides a substantially-new way to play. This could mean changing the types of challenges we face, or introducing completely new challenges and objectives. One example from Vermintide 1 would be the Deathwish mutation that added instant-death and significantly-increased the damage of enemies. You could also pursue fresh, new ideas like an “escort the barrel” challenge or “all ordinary attacks do zero damage, the game spawns four automatically-respawning barrels at the start, and the team must clear the mission using only these barrels”.

If you aren’t sure that your mod idea qualifies for the competition, feel free to message me at the Vermintide Modders Discord server.

If you’d like to participate, send me a message here or on Discord so I can get a rough head count. GLGL and I can’t WAIT to play what you guys come up with!

I’m Interested But Don’t Know How To Mod

Fortunately for us, in addition to all the work veteran Vermintide modders have done over the past few months, they’ve also put together some helpful resources for new modders!

The first step to getting started is to join the Vermintide Modders Discord server to ask questions, find inspiration and (if you want) team up with other modders! While there, check out the resources channel. After that, visit the Vermintide Mod Framework Quickstart Guide to step through the setup and building of your very first Vermintide mod.

Wait, Vermintide Has Mods Now?

You can check out this page for information if you’d like to get them yourselves. At the moment, mods may only be used in the “modded realm”; where loot and experience are disabled, but mods that don’t give a significant advantage will soon be “whitelisted” for use in the core game. This places us at the verge of a wholly-new way of playing Vermintide. Players will be able to customize the game’s UI and controls on a whole new level, to experiment and test with new tools, and to play missions in vastly-different ways through new “gameplay modes”.

Parting Thought: Folks, If You Have Mod Ideas You Want To Share List Them Below!

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