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VIRTUOUS AMMO CYCLING – Waystalker Endless Arrow Spam Build

warhammer 10 - VIRTUOUS AMMO CYCLING - Waystalker Endless Arrow Spam Build

After being inspired across some old posts on Reddit and Steam, I decided to modify them and my earlier 'Waystalker max ult' build. With Swift Bow's shooting speed and near-infinite ammo, you can play this game as Warhammer: Counterstrike.

The key abuse is the interaction between Swift Bow's 100 ammo-cap (on Waystalker) and Trueshot Volley w/ Kurnous' Reward: Every Special or Elite you kill with your ult returns 30 ammo! On Legend or Cataclysm, often more than one Special or Elite will spawn at the same time. I've gone from almost empty to maxed out ammo in one ult.

To further enable this ult abuse, the rest of the build focuses on maxing Crit chance plus the Resourceful weapon Traits. This results in a VIRTUOUS CYCLE of your ult replenishing ammo, and your ammo (and ocassional melee) replenishing ult.

TALENTS – Serrated Shots (increases Swift Bow's low damage), Asrai Focus (20% lower ult cooldown), Kurnous’ Reward (mandatory). I don't find Spirit Arrows necessary for a little extra cooldown boost (when below 50% health) and it gimps health regen.

DUAL SWORDS – Resourceful Combatant, Crit Chance and Attack Speed. This combination maxes out ult refresh on melee attacks. Kerillian's Dual-anything has 15% crit chance on light attacks (instead of the usual base 5%). I pick the swords for more crowd control for when the mob bodies through my arrow spam.


SWIFT BOW – Resourceful Sharpshooter, Crit Chance. This combination maxes ammo replenishment thru maxing the ult refresh on ranged attacks. I have tried other Traits like Conservative Shooter, which does return some ammo on Trueshot Volley's head-preference, but it's measly compared to Kurnous. You could always aim for the head if you decide to go with Conservative anyway. For the second Property, Dmg vs Armoured might be helpful on this bow.

NECKLACE- Whatever you prefer.

CHARM – Attack Speed, for even more crits.

TRINKET – Crit Chance and Cooldown Reduction. If you need Curse Resistance for Grim runs, drop Cooldown Reduction. After thinking it over, I concluded that Crit Chance with Resourceful weapon Trait speeds up ult recharge more than Cooldown Reduction's max 10% reduction – just two crits already covers for that 10%. Crit chance is also more useful for combat outside of ult.

PLAYSTYLE – Liberally spam arrows, trying not to hit your allies too much. Save your ult for when at least one Elite or Special shows up, and you should seldom have shortage of ammo. If the mob swarms your team, switch to melee to avoid complaints of friendly fire.

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