Warhammer: Vermintide

Visualization of lag-problems | Help appreciated

warhammer 5 - Visualization of lag-problems | Help appreciated

Hey rat-slayers:

I have made a post with clips in the Fatshark-Forum concerning lag since the 3.4-update. Would appreciate people taking a look at it and letting me know if any of you guys can second this or even know any solutions I could try on my end. Thx in advance, here goes:

43035 - Visualization of lag-problems | Help appreciated


Here's the post:

In addition to my posts in the sticky made by the devs, I wanna provide visual proof of what I am dealing with since the 3.4-patch.

This is all mods turned off incl. Framework and libraries, on official realm, game-files verified, tried with flushed DNS-cache, tested with Google DNS also, tested with wired connection (even different LAN-cables just for shits and giggles) and wireless (↓ 450,6 Mbit/s↑ 21 Mbit/s). Tested the Beta-client as well for a couple of days, couldn’t test the optional p2p option though.

Download-Region: Germany, Frankfurt/Munich (tested both)

System: (shouldn’t matter anyway but here goes)


GTX 980

DDR4 2400 Mhz 16 GB

some PCI network-card ^^

So here we go, in my keep:


A minute later after joining a lobby through quickplay:



Notice the delay between the weapon swing sound and the hitsound. Hitmarker given immediataly, sound delayed. The hitsounds actually represent the moment the hit is registered, judging by my experience in missions. This delay at times even increases in actual gameplay.

Also notice that I am supposedly connected with an 85 measured latency.

I have played close to a 1000 h since falling in love with Vermintide 2 in April. Laggy behaviour had always corellated with bad ping up until 3.4. Now ping seems to not matter anymore, since I get these delays in basically every lobby, no matter wether playing with people from Germany (close) or UK or even Canada. Speaking of Canada: I regularly get matched wioth lobbies from Canada or people from Canada get thrown into our lobbies, despite the distance (Germany – Canada). Ping is always around 80-90, same as what I am getting with German mates. Seems highly unlikely, so one could almost think latency measurement is off thus matching the wrong people.

In any case… this is driving me crazy and any help from devs, support, or community would be highly appreciated. After 1000 h I am not nearly done with the game, yet. Looking forward to Chaos Wastes, the new careers, new EVENTS (plz Fatshark. What happened? Events were frequent from what I hear. This year though… one measly frame. ) …

Long Story short: I wanna kill some rat. Every day. Plz help. My life needs meaning again. 📷

Console logs from the session the clips above were taken:

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