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So recently I was discussing vs. mode with a user here and how it might work. I suggested at one point that specials could have levels & talents like the U5. Being that I enjoy designing games & such I decided to make a mock set of talents for each of the specials for fun, and wanted to post them here as a proof of concept.

Before continuing I wanted to say a few things about my thought process on these. To start out, nothing disappoints me about a leveling system more than the majority of talents just being +Health, +Damage, +Armor etc. "Bullet Sponge Stats" I call them, so I tried really hard to avoid that wherever possible, which means some abilities might be a tad busted. But remember, this is only proof of concept, I wanted to stay as much within the existing framework as possible. I.e. no adding new powers or equipment, just modifying what's there… mostly. Secondly I have no idea what the base numbers for these things are. So when I do increase by a flat numeric value, the value is a total shot in the dark. Just whatever sounded good. Third, I decided on three tiers of 4 talents for two reasons. 1) I don't think specials should be as strong as the heroes. Heroes may get consumables, but the "villains" get AI assistants, infinite respawns, and better maneuverability around the maps (I assume they'll be able to climb certain walls, and use Rakki tunnels somehow). 2) Hopefully this kind of design will encourage the use of varying tactics instead of settling on the one most efficient. Fifth, these abilities assume some slight nerfing of special abilities while in vs mode to sustain some balance. I.e. slightly slower casting time for Blightstormers, ammo for Globadiers and Gunrats, etc. And lastly these abilities assume no bugs, such as attacking through mobs.


Gutter Runner

Tier 1

  • Faster movement

  • Quieter Spawn Sound & Chattering

  • Longer pounce

  • Gain access to even more hidden paths

Tier 2

  • Cannot be shoved off, only killed

  • Increase health by 50%

  • Immediately disengage when hit and blink (or turn invisible) to safety.

  • Blink* replaced with invisibility

Tier 3

  • Stabbings deal bleeding DOT

  • Decrease recharge for Blink & Pounce by 30%

  • Increase Stab speed by 30%

  • Stabbings deal 2x damage to temp hp

*Blink refers to the short range teleport ability some specials have. Mechanically I figure this would function in Vs by plopping the player somewhere close by that's out of the Hero-thing's line of sight.

Hook Rat

Tier 1

  • Faster dragging speed

  • Quieter Spawn & Rattling sounds

  • Increase health by 30%

  • Nearby infantry Skaven get extra HP

Tier 2

  • Longer Pole

  • Leaping lunge

  • Increase dragging damage

  • Spawn with a mini horde of slave-rats

Tier 3

  • Spawn with a group of plague-rats

  • Trap a Hanging hero-thing with a Globadier's sphere

  • Deal Stamina damage while dragging & hanging

  • Hooked hero-things drop consumables (not med-kits, tomes, or grims)


Tier 1

  • Longer throwing range, less arc

  • Quieter Spawn & Breathing sounds

  • Faster Movement

  • +2 ammo

Tier 2

  • Gas Slows movement speed

  • Always explode on death

  • +2 ammo

  • Wider AOE, reduced damage

Tier 3

  • Gas blurs vision

  • Gas erodes Stamina

  • All gas replaced by fire (even on self destruct)

  • Gas drains Ult. Meter

Rattling Gunner

Tier 1

  • Shorter spooling time

  • Quieter sounds

  • Increase ammo by 40%

  • Increase movement speed

Tier 2

  • Narrower spread

  • Increase ammo by 20%

  • Increase HP by 20%

  • Increased RoF

Tier 3

  • Inflict poison DOT

  • Ignore Shields and thin barriers (whichever comes first) at reduced RoF

  • Ricochet bullets (1 ricochet per bullet)

  • Trade Ratling-gun for Jezzail (skaven sniper rifle, but limit the range to prevent absurdly OP situations on open maps)

Fire Rat

Tier 1

  • Generate 10% less overheat

  • Quieter sounds

  • Increase push-back power

  • Faster movement

Tier 2

  • Longer range, but narrower spread

  • Shorter but wider spread

  • Generate 25% more overheat, but deal more damage proportional to overheat

  • Inflict light Stamina DOT

Tier 3

  • Warp lightning- targeted blast (tag hero-thing first), deals more damage to tanky classes than squishy ones (because "armor" is conductive)

  • Hero-things are lit on fire for DOT and your flames linger on the ground

  • Ignores shields/thin barriers

  • Twin guns, but much slower movement



Tier 1

  • Longer blink* range

  • Shorter life-drain recharge

  • Faster dragging speed

  • Longer grab range

Tier 2

  • Deal Stamina damage

  • Increase health by 50%

  • Deal damage while dragging

  • Deal extra damage to temp. HP

Tier 3

  • Drain Ult. Meter

  • Applies 1% Curse every 7 seconds (max curse=90%?)

  • Ignores white HP

  • Heros that have stolen Grimoires are highlighted.

*If you tag a Hero as a LL, you can blink directly behind them.


Tier 1

  • Longer blink range

  • Faster recharge

  • Faster casting

  • Faster walk speed

Tier 2

  • Narrower AoE but launches players higher

  • Wider AoE but only pushes players around, doesn't lift them (think Jockey from L4D2)

  • Extra Stamina damage

  • Directly control the wind's direction

Tier 3

  • Blurs vision

  • Drains Ult. Meter

  • Apply 0.6% curse per second while inside the vortex

  • Scatters equipped consumables around (not med-kits, books, or grims)

Chaos Warrior: Power is overhead swing & charge.

Tier 1

  • +2 Stamima

  • Increase health by 25%

  • +5% attack speed

  • Tagged hero takes 10% more damage ("You're next dwarf!")

Tier 2

  • Extra damage to Stamina

  • Extra push-back from a shove

  • Faster power recharge

  • On death, release a large burst of potent buboe juice

Tier 3

  • Hits apply DOT to either Health or Stamina if blocked

  • Trade armor for Health re-gen and normal attack speed.

  • Stagger immunity

  • Hits apply 3% Curse per hit



Tier 1

  • +30% Armor

  • Double dodge distance

  • +??% health (bring up to baseline CW)

  • Dual axes instead of 2H axe

Tier 2

  • Ram knocks down every one in a line

  • Ram knock-down lasts 3 seconds longer

  • Ram knock-back is farther

  • Ram recharges faster

Tier 3

  • Ram doesn't knock down, carries opponent and throws them, or deal extra damage if you collide with scenery/wall. (must tag hero first if you have Tier 2 perk 1)

  • Ignore blocking for knock-down/push-back effects, damage is still blocked.

  • Deal Stamina DOT and slow movement of Ram target (must tag hero first if you have Tier 2 perk 1)

  • Ram deals extra damage against temp health

Banner-Bearer: Required nerf- Banner aruas can not overlap, even with teammates'.

Tier 1

  • +2 Banners

  • Banners are much harder to break

  • Banner's aruas are 10% bigger

  • Spawn with a mini-horde of mixed beastmen infantry.

Tier 2

  • Banners increase HP by an additional 5%

  • Banners increase attack speed by an additional 5%

  • Banners increase damage by an additional 5%

  • Banners make archers fire faster

Tier 3

  • Banners prevent Hero Stamina, Ult. meter, and HP regen (but not healing through potions or medkits, or the use of potions to restore Ult. Meter)

  • Banners prevent the usage of potions, including healing draughts. But not medkits or other healing.

  • Banners disable gear bonuses.

  • Banners reduce Hero power level.

So what do you guys think? On the right track or way off base? What changes would you make?

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