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VT2 Performance Optimization Guide

warhammer 2 - VT2 Performance Optimization Guide

So, since I spend lots of time of trying to get VT run really well and ppl keep asking about this, I decided to finally write down short post.

My current graphics settings :
zqiNHXs8UhY - VT2 Performance Optimization Guide

https://youtu.be/zqiNHXs8UhY (1440p, 95 FoV, Everything maxed out except for AA, Physics Debris, Animation Distance)

Two examples of windowed mode vs fullscreen mode :

I just can't get fullscreen to work flawlessly, if anyone knows how to do it, I would love to know it.

Here is my best result I was able to achieve, it's not fullscreen or borderless fullscreen, it's a … "uber-windowed mode" 😀 Will explain that later.

  • https://youtu.be/U68A189PhWc (Here I'm managing 85-90+ fps at all situations with the extreme settings/1440p, which pretty solid result & mainly the frametimes are very stable, the experience is great, no stutter, great input lag, perfect)

List of tweaks I did to get this result :

  • DX12 , this is a must, DX11 just sucks for VT2 because the game is very hard on CPU, if you are using DX11 than forget about some decent framerate when slave rat horde comes in.
    • People will say, I don't use DX12 because it is causing stutter. Answer to that is no, it does not cause stutter, but if you enable it first time, it will start caching shaders on fly, while you are playing, which will cause stutter, once those shaders are cached, there is zero stutter. Basically run same map 1, max 2 times and there will be no stutter anymore.
  • Executive Speculation, this is advanced function on Intel CPU's, I won't go into detail how this works, but it helps with performance in the worst situations – the slave rat horde + other stuff, it helps significantly. Most people with updated windows will have this function disabled for security reasons. If you want to enable, easiest way to do it is to download this soft : https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm , and disable Meltdown/Spectre Protection, than also you need older bios, since there are also mitigations in bios, so if you updated bios in last months, you probably have one that is disabling this function. (easiest way to test the difference between exec. spec active or disables is trying 4K Read test on your ssd drive)
  • Standby Memory, this is issue that some might experience and some might not, I get this after longer session or when recording. When the standby memory gets filled you will experience microstutter here and there, for me it's incredibly irritating. Way to check this is open task manager -> performance -> memory and check the standby memory if you experience the microstutter. Here is pic of what I mean :
    https://i.imgur.com/Gu6brhp.png. Solution to this issue is to get this soft :
    viewtopic - VT2 Performance Optimization Guidehttps://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1256
    , it allows for automatic standby list clearing, it's awesome!
  • Windows 10 Ridiculous FS Optimizations, you want to disable this crap for all games, it's just horrible I did not look up what exactly it does but I would guess it adds something similar to triple buffering, it just adds terrible input lag. Picture how to do this:
    https://i.imgur.com/358TkNd.png . This can also be done in task manager while the app / game is running.
  • Windows 10 OS Optimizations, This is for advanced users and would take quite some time to create guide for, the easiest move is to disable all the shitty services running in win 10, but it also requires some knowledge about those, because if you don't know what you're doing here you will prolly wreck your OS. Here is example of what my services look like :
    hqGHdw4 - VT2 Performance Optimization Guide
  • GPU Driver Settings, I basically only enabled v-sync to ON, G-Sync & maximum prerendered frames to 1 (since I want lowest possible input lag) Pic:
    Ab1UgQ2 - VT2 Performance Optimization Guide
  • Worker Threads, just set it to max -1/-2,
    0UmoA4T - VT2 Performance Optimization Guide
    https://i.imgur.com/0UmoA4T.png , Also if you got 4 core cpu and thinking what the fuck … i can only set it to 1 or 2, but I got 4 cores ?! Well it's because the 2 cores are default, so what you see in worker thread settings is your max cores -2. If you got 8 core you will have range of 1-6, if you got 12 core, you will see 1-10 etc.
  • I Want More Performance! , If you want even better performance for high refresh monitors, than you start with disabling sun & local shadows, that helps a lot. Than you follow with other settings as you see fit.
  • Uber-Windowed Mode, Since I can't get the frickin fullscreen mode to work perfectly I got script to remove frame from windowed applications, that is how I got the handmaiden solo vid to run this well, it's not fullscreen, it's not borderless fullscreen, its windowed mode with removed frame 😉
    • Here is the script, for Autohotkey language, with this you run the script and tha click windows button + left mouse click and remove the frame.


LWIN & LButton::

WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, A




LWIN & RButton::

WinSet, Style, +0xC00000, A



  • My Rig : [email protected], [email protected] (modded bios, no limiters), [email protected], Optane 900P
  • Bottleneck, Even at max settings, CPU is still bottleneck in most situations, on my rig I am hitting one or the other, but getting 2080TI would not really help me, since I would be basically CPU bottlenecked all the time, only benefit I would get would be that I could enable TAA (AA) . If you want to see what is bottleneck in the handmaiden vid, it's easy, just look if GPU is loaded at 99%, if it is than the GPU is bottleneck, if it isn't than it's the CPU.

If anyone got tips on how to get fullscreen working or how to improve this guide please let me know. Good luck with stutter-free rat slaying. Hopefully this will help some of you.

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