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VT2: Pimped Your Sub

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Greets, fearless subredditors. The mod squad has implemented a plethora of changes and improvements to the sub. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Updated and expanded subreddit rules with mouse-over explanations
  • Updated and expanded post flairs to better serve readers and allow better filtering
  • Addition of new user flairs to tag exceptional redditors and encourage & reward exceptional posters.
  • Addition of new user flairs (class careers) for everyone.
  • New “filter memes” button in the sidebar
  • Extensive style overhaul to make the sub look more vermintidy.
  • New 2-slot sticky space in the top-right corner (not visible on mobile)

Most of these were proposed and discussed in detail in the recent “Subreddit Housekeeping” thread, if you’d like to review our thinking.

Most of these improvements, especially the CSS, are due to the efforts of /u/Eruyome. Cheers, m8!

Please let us know if anything is broken!


When reporting any issues please state which browser you’re using, whether you’re using RES, whether you’re logged in or if you’re subscribed to the subreddit.

Special note for mobile readers — you can access the flair filtering options via the “community info” tab/option. The official Reddit app will open the filter links in a browser, while the “Reddit is Fun” unofficial app will open it directly.

EDIT: For those of you, who want to hide memes (or any other flair type) permanently without having to click the "Hide Memes" Button, you can also configure your Reddit Enhancement Suite to always hide certain flairs on certain subreddits.

Simply follow this path: RES settings console > Filters > filteReddit > flair

Add the flair keyword (e.g. "Umgak") and subreddit and you should be good to go!

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