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VT2 takes place in 2524, battle of Altdorf happens in 2525

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 1 1024x576 - VT2 takes place in 2524, battle of Altdorf happens in 2525

Can we have a discussion about how exciting future DLC'S could be, and how screwed the Ubersreik 5 are?

The world is noticeably more ravaged in VT2 than in VT1. Skaven are plaguing the empire (and the entire world), and nurgle is seriously starting to fester in the human realm. In fact, the glottkin becomes a thing in 2524 AFAIK. Convocation of Decay is actually a referrence to a greater daemon that was summoned during the battle of Altdorf.

We're on the cusp of the chaos force invasion, where daemon's could freely walk the lands of mortal's. Keep in mind that during convocation of decay, the Ubersreik 5 were practically shitting their pants when they discovered that the pactsworn were trying to summon a single daemon. Not only that, but greenskins and beastmen are rampaging at anything they can see near helmgart. Then you have the undead, who are only being held at bay by Gelt's wall. Malekith will soon become the true king of elve's, which I can see affecting Kerillian. Sienna is noticing how the chaos and mortal realm's are becoming closer, as the winds of magic are much stronger.


This is really exciting stuff. With this new dlc, love it or not, it implies how bad things are about to get. A major empire city has practically been exterminated. Things are going to get bad and fast.

Here is a very nice art of the battle of Altdorf. The capital of the empire was plagued, rotting, and covered in literal acid.

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