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Walking With Sigmar: A Zealot Guide

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I'll just cut to the chase, Zealot is the only class I do legend with and there's a reason for it. It's simple. It's effective. It's got some limited but good weapon choices. And it's like a crossbow, where the slayer is a longbow. The slayer may have raw effectiveness in melee, but the zealot has alot more usability with just as much, if not more survivability.

Lets start with your weapons. Falcion is the easiest, flail is the iconic, and greatsword is for when you just flat out want to stick to hordeclear, but it's not that clearcut a choice. For my part, I mostly run flail these days, as it has great synergy with the classes base talents, which is by design. This guide will focus on being a melee brusier and tank.

I'll assume your using the flail for the rest of this guide, but the beauty of the zealot is it's so simple and effective that it isn't hard to find a setup that suits you.

A quick rundown of class mechanics:

The charge. It's a charge that goes about the length the other class charges do, staggers enemies you pass through, does not pass through armored enemies or bosses, and can be canceled mid-charge by blocking (Which is what you'll be doing rather then aiming at the ground, like slayer.) Eitherway, once the charge is initiated, you get 25% attackspeed.

Fiery faith: A reverse-health bonus, where, every time you lose 25 health (Which added health from charms adds to, btw, so go for that 20 health) you gain five power, stacking up to six times.

Your heavy attacks cannot be interrupted which best goes with the flail since the startup animation is quite long for it.

And finaly, the iconic staving off death by raw faith. With a two-minute cooldown, when the zealot hits 0 health, instead of dying, they gain 5 second temporary immunity to all damage. At the end of this they die as normal.

These three abilities are less important then the talents however, which go a little something like:

– Crit chance. Because crit change. Because horde cleave. Alternatively, for full defenses, holy endurance. Depends on whether you want to be a brusier or a full on tank.

– Flagellant, which halves the damage of any attack or reduces it to ten. AKA, why this class and slayer last so damn long on legend. It wont stop you from being truely stupid but it extends your longevity by a truely stupid ammount.

– Undying Faith, where for every stack of Fiery faith, you gain a stamina shield. Ensures you have just about as much stamina as you need to have. Some people swear by crit power but lets be honest your not going to crit enough to make the diference, consistancy trumps potential every time.

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– Righteous Zeal, because every other talent this tier is wrong.

– And finally, pleasure from pain. Combined with the cancel this can turn into 'I now am drowning in white HP' if used against hordes and a top off tactic used against bosses.

For weapons: Flail. Obviously. If your going to use the flail your choices are opportunist, or swift slayer. It's really up to you, even if you do build full offense it's sometimes better to run opportunist because pushing is a vital method of not fu*king dying on legend and sometimes consistant defense is better then hordeclear.


The alternative is Falcion. I've seen people use greatsword or claim it's the best but if your looking for true hordeclear, slap on a falcion and use swift slayer. There really is no alternative. It's a much better armorkiller too, due to speed.

For ranged; Two options. If your confident in your teams abilities, go with crossbow. Which is a good all rounder. It can be used to thin a horde, it's got a decent ammo pool, because generally speaking when your reaching for that ranged weapon it's to kill specials, thin out a horde, or because of bosses if your being conservative. And generally speaking if your pugging this is the best option for all those senario's. But if you want to meme, brace of pistols. Because it has decent special killing potential and if your team is good enough to deal with bosses, blowing your load at boss isn't a bad idea.

How to utilize this build: Your job during hordes is to find a vaguely defensible position, stand beside at least one person, charge your heavies and light attack once after each heavy. When facing stormvermin patrols who've wandered over because the AI director decided to put on a sandpaper condom, just charge heavies.

During bosses: Your either gonna be the one the chaos spawn is trying to -eat-, or your going to be wacking it on the back. This mentality generally applies to all four bosses. Best learn to dodge my boy. If it's not trying to eat you, zealot rush it and wack it and be ready to block and start backing up at any time, because you are fodder.

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In general: Wack things and occasionally reach for your crossbow to put a bolt in a blightstormer. Generally speaking dont bother wasting your bolts on armored enemies, your a especially great armorkiller. It's more just there for things like packmasters, leeches, blightstormers, et-cetera.

Misc tips:

Zealots generate a crapton of white HP, which means you should be the last person to use healing. Between your ult, and your kill potential, you should be fine if your not a complete nupty. Also something worth noting: Temp health counts for the purposes of fiery faith, so when you hav ea near-full bar with white health your not geting jack all bonuses.

Down in front. Seriously, if your standing in front of Sienna and this isn't one of those Sienna's who cant stop shooting for one second there's something wrong with you. Sigmar only ravages the blessed bodies of people who take wounds fighting the -skaven-.

Zealots and Slayers get along like a house on fire if the house on fire was a apartment complex in a crowded city, between the two of you nothing is going to survive for very long in melee range.

Flail's push stab is a wide, mid-level sweep that's great for hordeclear. If your in a position where you need to hold a line, grab opportunist as a trait and push-stab your way to victory. Also worth noting that the two lights that follow the chain are overhead, and kills have a tendancy to replenish stamina I've found, so mix those in if their all charging down the same hall. It's also great for berserkers of all stripes.

That's about it. If this helped, well, your welcome.

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