Warhammer: Vermintide

Warning: No progress in this game except for difficulty.

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - Warning: No progress in this game except for difficulty.

The past few days there's been several threads urging the community to stop demanding legend nerfs from FS, a sentiment I've started agreeing with.

Sure legend is tough as nails sometimes, but it's the almost impossible, crazy panic situations that are the most fun and rewarding.

In a game like this where there's so little end game progression in terms of gear and cosmetics, the only thing giving it longevity is the progressively higher difficultys, make legend too easy and there's nothing left to play for when you reach that point.

I've used arguments like "it should be hard but this is just unfair", complaining at triple disablers at the same time, hordes triggering while fighting minibosses, blightstormers and globadiers spawning outside players LOS etc, but these are not really issues more than they are challenges.


Sure, occassionally you will get a 100% impossible situation and wipe while muttering something about broken AI director, but it's probably impossible to remove the risk of those entirely without either nerfing too much or remake how the difficulty scaling works (like increased HP bulletspongy mobs).

I myself made a complete 180° from "please nerf" to "please don't". Things like silent patrols/ambushes/hordes are bugs that need to be adressed, but I too caution players to cry too much about legendary being too hard and unfair, if your wishes come true, you might just realise it wasn't what you really wanted.

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