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Waves during bosses

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Now. First of all. I get that random situations and struggle is an important part of the game. And I do find the times we barely push through some of the most enjoyable moments of the game.

But this decision I can not understand.

It wipes groups unless you are extremely well organized (on legend anyway) and even then it feels like more of a gamble. A boss and a horde (which might pull some cks or other elite enemies) is simply too much.

Which pushed my group to learn all boss triggers (locations bosses can spawn) by heart, camp up and always wait out waves before going into them. Which can take minutes of standing around doing nothing.

I feel like it is clearly the optimal way to play, we barely wiped since we started doing that, while we still frequently wipe when randoms run blindly into boss triggers.

But it's no fun at all. It feels like a chore rather than epicly slaying through hordes of enemies.

The solution shouldn't be to just prevent waves completely either. Given space and time, bosses aren't difficult enough to kill on their own.

Though to me, it feels like waves during bosses should not be as large as they are right now. Especially when fighting trolls where two people can barely out damage the passive healing. So a wave resets your entire current progress and makes one person just trying to dodge around while the others must clear the wave asap.

Or have some of you figured out a good way to deal with such encounters consistently?

How do you feel about waves during boss fights?

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