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Waystalker needs a buff I think

warhammer 9 - Waystalker needs a buff I think

I've been playing a lot of Kerillian and a lot of ranged classes. But I never mix the two, because of how bad Waystalker feels right now in comparison to the other ranged classes as they are right now (not counting Sienna, since she is so different).


I'll define the ranged class so that everyone understands the category I'm putting this class in, and why I think it is so far behind the rest. A ranged class is generally a squishy class which has little or no bonuses to melee, and several bonuses to utilizing ranged weapons for the purpose of shutting down specials before they become a problem for the team. On top of this duty, they are also tasked with killing at a minimum, SOME elite enemies, and depending on the abilities, might be used in stopping hordes or outputting high damage against bosses. They always have some form of ammo regeneration, so that they can deal with threats consistently throughout a match, even if ammo boxes or pouches aren't available.


Now to define the classes and what their benefits are in comparison to others.

Huntsman: Has several forms of ammo retention, which means that his ammo supply lasts 2-3 times longer than it should through Keep it Coming and crits with Scrounger. With Shot Crafter, this near perfect ammo retention becomes ammo generation, allowing him to kill any Elites in sight, and even fire into crowds nearly as often as they want, so long as his allies keep it safe. His ult allows him to safely pick up allies or do major damage to bosses or exit dangerous situations. His damage bonuses come in the form of criticals and headshots. The major weakness of this class is it's utter reliance on allies to take up their melee slack.

Veteran Ranger: Can choose between enough ammo generation for themselves, or enough ammo generation for the entire team. Always has enough firepower to take on anything in his path so long as his selected ranged weapon can handle it. Due to the innate benefits of his weapons, and some talents-has no teammate requirements. Instead he is designed to be the one that deals with his teammates weaknesses, not the other way around. While he doesn't have any damage bonuses, he has item bonuses (can generate potions or bombs) or the damage bonus of allies having extra ammo. The major weakness of this class is its inflexible ranged weapons, which do 1 job well, but other jobs very very poorly–so they have to choose between horde clear (shotgun), special/elite clear (handgun/crossbow), or boss clear (pistol).

Bounty Hunter: A mixed capabilities ranged class, that requires a bit of rhythm to master. The passive ability is his main source of damage and ammo generation (when combined with Scrounger). What ranged weapon is taken decides what type of build is used generally, at least for a few of the picks. While his passive doesn't allow for crits to happen often enough for all enemies in sight to be killed, but the guarenteed crits make even Chaos Warriors potential victims. The ult can be used as a major boss killer or a major horde clearer or a minor in both depending on talent selection. The major weakness of this class is that their ammo generation is subpar, and any miss-timing of their passive has the potential to majorly waste damage and ammo.


Waystalker: A ranged class that originally had some of the most competitive talents ever….in my eyes now has some of the weakest talents ever for her role. She has a larger ammo pool than any other class, getting 100% bonus when others only get 50%. Her ammo generation is explicitly tied to a single ult talent, and the ult acting the way it seems like it should, but doesn't always do so–so if it fails, she cannot generate again for another 60+ seconds. The amount it generates is passable but not amazing, considering the risk and all the other potential uses of the ult itself. The other uses of the Ult actually give her a lot of interesting actions but are not popular because then Kerillian can't generate ammo to do her job. Her ranged weapons damage numbers are in an awkward place with their damage always seeming to come up just a bit short of what you need against certain enemies. Her weakness is that she has no strengths. If she wants to do her role to the best of its ability, it requires essentially all of her talents, and even with all of those benefits together, it might match the abilities of another class with only 2 talents. Her ranged weapon selection is very limited…worse than Krubers, and that's sad.

Waystalker used to be powerful because of her automatic ammo generation. They removed that leaving her with only the ammo generation on ult use. Using her ult was very easy, and it would be spammed whenever someone wanted to because ammo was more useful than the ult. They removed that and forced using the ult against a target that you would more easily just use a bow against in the first place–and it doesn't even work a chunk of the time. They gave her no benefits to being played over any of her other classes since even Shade has more ammo generation than Waystalker, if someone wanted to push it the right way. They gave her no benefits to being played over the other ranged classes because she doesn't do more damage, she doesn't provide more bonuses to her teammates, and she doesn't generate near as much ammunition as the others. She can't attack as many targets because she can't generate as much ammo. She can't target stronger enemies except with her ult–but her ult can't be used except against specials because of ammo limitations. She can't, she can't, she can't. While everyone else CAN. Bardin's weapons are limited, but he CAN still do at least something against other targets. Kruber needs some help to be safe while shooting, but he CAN still find his own pocket to pick a target out. Saltz ammo generation is limiting, but he CAN still take the shots he needs to fight off many many enemies.

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