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Waystalker swiftbow build: ALL THE ARROWS

warhammer 2 - Waystalker swiftbow build: ALL THE ARROWS

Ok lumberfoots, here is the ALL THE ARROWS setup I’ve been using. Trigger warning; it's non-meta!

  • Swift bow: 10% Power Chaos, 5% crit chance – scrounger
  • 1 Handed Elven Ax: 10% Power Chaos, 5% attack speed – Parry
  • Necklace: Barkskin, 20% health, 30% block cost reduction (stamina would be good choice too)
  • Charm: 10% Power Chaos, 10% Power Skaven – Decanter
  • Trinket: 5% crit chance, 33% Grim protect – Shrapnel (or to your flavor)

Talents: Middle, Middle, right, right, right.

  1. Morgai-Heg’s Scorn (5% crit chance)
  2. Daughter of the Hunt (arcane bodkins also can work)
  3. Rejuvenating Locus
  4. Ariel’s Boon
  5. Kurnous’ Blessing

Pros: it’s super fun. Really feels like a new character not having the slow firing longbow or hagbane. Great horde control – murder entire hordes in choke points by yourself. Unlike the flame weapons, you won't obscure view in that direction and you have no recharge or heating up issues.
You have AOE team healing and your team now has free natural bond to 50% health. That means they can use barkskin or Boon of Shallya.

Arrows… you rarely run out of them because you get 15 arrows per Trueshot Volley used, in addition to a bunch of critical hit arrow returns while spamming light attack. This means you can do deeds with no ammo pickup and let other chars take all the ammo in regular games. Quickly eliminate trash while moving at full speed. Lots of dodge-dancing while shooting. One handed elven ax handles elites and does good boss dmg. Ult can hit specials around edges and corners.


Cons: takes 2-4 arrows to kill specials, doesn’t stagger specials (it stops sucki bois and gutters, but you have to dodge-shoot, dodge-shoot flame and gun ratties). It’s best to play with a group that has a direct dmg special killer, like dwarf or krub with handgun or saltz with pistols. bad boss dmg with bow. Positioning is key, don’t get surrounded.

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Tips: your job is to think small. Kill all the tiny things first. See that CW with his two small buddies? While moving toward them, arrow the small guys first, then switch to your ax and headshot the CW and dodge twice to get behind him. The CW will turn to hit you and your team will follow up and help you wreck him.

See that a mixed group of Storm Vermin and slave rats? Same thing, kill those little ratties first so when you get to them, you’re only worried about dodging those monster overhand attacks.

Did a boss just spawn with a horde because your slayer jumped over the boss spawn point after you specifically told him to wait because you haven’t had a horde in a while? Well now your job is to find where the horde is spawning from and kill them before they can spread out and attack your teammates who are doing boss stuff. No other ads around? Get in there and ax that boss. It does a good amount of dmg, just be ready to block and dodge back if it switches aggro to you.

Summary: while I have had top overall kills in the last 30 leg games or so while using this (except when beaten by a particularly zealous dwarf flamethrower), there are a ton of situations where a shade or handmaiden would be a better fit. Still, if your bored with the normal stuff and you’re interested in trying a totally different play style to mix things up, give this a whirl!

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