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Waywatcher needs some work.

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I've been a Kerillian main since the first VT, and in this newer rendition her VT1 based class seems pretty… Downright awful for champ/legend.

A spry and dexterous character with default dodge, less-than-mediocre ability to survive, and no attention to melee other than a few small traits.

I understand she is meant to be ranged, but at the same time this comes with the price of being gimped heavily. As Waywatcher, most of the time your job is specials. Not that you need 29 arrows (longbow wise) for specials, considering there's not enough specials to use it. Could use it for hoarde, but its speed means you'll be open.

Swift bow and hagsbane aren't going to do anything to specials, except maybe stun or annoy them. They can do most of their damage and effects before you can finish them off. Which would be fine if you could focus attention on them, but admist a hoarde you can do little to them but stare at them.

Her health regen is very useful for early difficulties, but later on in, where the regen doesn't matter much is where it starts to be kinda redundant and a waste of a gimmick.


Lets say you have both grims, then your passive and most of its upgrades will be turned useless. In legend, you'll be one shot away from dying with almost every enemy. Doesn't matter how much overkill they deliver. Even outside of those 2 grims, you're to spend many minutes waiting on enough health to be able to take but 2 shots to a chaos zombie/shield boi. Even when its boosted its way too slow to justify wanting, especially if that subpar passive is one of the main draws to her class.

Trying to escape being caught up in a stream of enemies is difficult with default dodge and no buffs to blocking, it feels like her utility is sadly just not applicable to champ/legend. Handmaiden and Shade heavily outclass her in almost every aspect except for ranged, which is only valuable to a limited extent.

As waywatcher I catch myself getting caught up in melee and having a full quiver, because there's just not enough times to use it at a safe distance.

It wouldn't be so bad if she could dodge more to avoid attacks while shooting, but her dodge range is on par with the character with 1 foot tall legs, swamped in 2 inch thick steel armor, with the dexterity of an intoxicated sight-deprived long-eared humanoid

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