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Weapon Ideas for the Unchained

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I've been playing Unchained for most of my Vermintide 2 playtime and I have some ideas for weapons. Me personally is not an expert of Warhammer Fantasy's lore, hence if any of these weapon doesn't fit in with the universe then humor me. I have 1 idea for melee weapon and 1 idea for a staff


Chain/ Whip:

This weapon can either look like a normal chain that is seen in the Unchained's attire, or it can a fiery whip. This weapon will be Unchained specific, in that it will increase the amount of targets that it can hit with more overcharge, so it works well with the Unchained's passive. While it's charge attack will have the user spin the chain around in the air hitting enemies around it, though it will not directly damage them, but rather set them on fire and knocking them down. While spinning the whip around it will also vent heat, making the weapon less efficient.


Sanguine Swords:


I know that this isn't a staff, as this is a spell for the Bright Wizards. There is 2 ways that you can use this. It's normal attack will be sending out 1 of the 4 swords to a target like a bolt staff's charge attack, but with higher damage. The trade off will be one cast of this will cause a quarter of your heat meter. While the secondary attack will be similar to the flaming skull, but rather than killing the enemy the swords will distract a single enemy causing them to attack the swords instead. This weapon also doesn't have an infinity ammo like the wizard's normal staffs, but rather it requires the wizard to use their melee to get back the swords.

So there is my ideas for the Unchained class. I don't know if they are any good, leave a comment below to share your thoughts about them.

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