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Weird laggs

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I already posted about this in the Fatshark Forum but nobody could help me so far.

Since a week i get weird lags when playing as client.

For example: A horde comes in, i hit the first enemy and it takes arround one and a half second till he reacts to the hit. I attack the next enemy right after the first one, and this time the enemy reacts immidiately to my attack.

Another example: I shot at a gas rat. First i think i missed but it just took 1,5 second till the enemy reacts to the hit. I shot at the next enemy and everything is fine.

This keeps happening the entire run. Also happens on every host i joined so far. I don’t have problems like this on other Multiplayer games right now. When i make a speedtest my ping is only 20 ms. Anybody else noticed something like this?

I recorded one of my sessions and following situations are a bit strange. Not all of the situations are related to my "weid lags" topic.

0:53 A slave rat comes at me. I start my attack before the rat starts hers. I kill it but get hit by the rat too.

But it was already dead. So two things. The attack is incredible fast and the rat died before it hit me.

Because of the hit i cant block the next attack by another rat and get hit again…


2:22 This instaturn attack… You never know when he is going to do it.

5:00 Was the timing for the Dodge really wrong?

6:58 The first hits on the SV are normal. But the killing blow is odly delayed.

8:14 again the rat that hit me is already dead.

8:55 again enemy dies odly delayed.

11:05 delayed hit registration on gas rat.

12:42 Wtf??? To be honest already happend the third time with satzpyre for me. heartattack?

17:09 again delayed killing blow

might have missed some moments. Its just weird that three attacks are totally fine but the fourth against the same target is delayed. Also i made several speedtests and they all say everything is fine.

Also my steam downloads run smoothly with constant 4,7 MB/sec.

My Video:

Are this normal lags that everybody gets but i just started noticing them now?

Does anybody know a programm that can trace my ping of the last 30mins to a certain server?

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