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What 4th class would you like every char to get?

chivalry screenshot1 - What 4th class would you like every char to get?

Yeah, I know, not a very original thread. I'm bored.

FS has stated a few times that they will most probably not add a 6th character to the roster, as it would take too much work. Fair enough, if you ask me – I don't think we need a sixth character, and Ubersreik Five already got that camaraderie thing going that a new char wouldn't fit into. That doesn't mean, though, that we can't get a 4th class for each of our old pals sometime in the future – we probably won't, but maybe. What would you like them to be? I have a few ideas of my own, but they aren't neccessarily well thought out, balanced and generally good.

Kruber – Nuln Engineer. Far-fetched, since an engineer is a serious commitment and Marcus doesn't even know how to read, but we already have a bunch of "unrealistic" classes in VT2, so screw it. Engineer would be a support class similiar to Ranger Veteran that would have access to a special weapon – grenade launcher, the ultimate horde destroyer.


Kerillian – White Lion of Chrace. Yep, far-fetched again, but f*ck it, those guys look awesome. Possibly the manliest of elves out there. White Lion Kerillian would be a melee-oriented fighter with very limited ranged capabilities (absolutely no talents that improve ranged combat). Could get a 2h axe as a special weapon, but there's already glaive…

Saltzpyre – Battle Priest, because of-fu*king-course. Tank/support with no ranged weaponry. Healing aura that can be turned into a damage-dealing one with talents. Basically a master of clutch.

Goreksson – can't really come up with one that'd add anything new to dwarf gameplay. Maybe some sort of engineer, like Kruber, with duck pistol as his special weapon?

Sienna – dunno, never was good in WHF's magic lore. Maybe a hedge wizard, someone who adds a non-fatal (at least for now) amount of Dhar to their magic? Could be some sort of DoT master.

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