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What about adding deeds as daily/weekly quests and/or a separate queue?

chivalry medieval warfare 16183 1920x1080 1024x576 - What about adding deeds as daily/weekly quests and/or a separate queue?

Sometimes I see people express their ideas regarding how deeds being just random drops you get from boxes may be fixed, and I feel like people generally believe that it's not exactly a perfect concept. Deeds on themselves are interesting because they're random, but, unfortunately , they also drop completely randomly, so you might end up willing to play some, but not have any even as a party. Or, they could be just something not very entertaining – such as more hordes on into the nest, which turns it into a very tedious map.

Some people suggest making it possible to play any map with any modifiers whenever you want. The problem I see here is that if it would be just modifiers without extra rewards, nobody would really be interested in playing it; after all, you probably can already do that on modded realm. If there would be extra rewards, people would be able to grind boxes by playing with easiest modifiers (say damage over time one). So we need to keep random modifiers while giving players the ability to play or get deeds without them being a random drop from boxes.

I have three alternatives in mind.

First alternative suggests adding daily/weekly quests which would give you random deeds instead of boxes. It's quite simple way to allow players get some deeds on consistent basis without relying on RNG.


Second would be adding daily/weekly "quest" deeds with random modifiers, say 1 daily quest deed or 3-5 weekly quest deeds with different amount of modifiers. You would only be able to receive rewards once per quest deed, and playing same quest deed again should either give no extra rewards or give worse rewards (say box tier minus 2-3 or just set it to always be a peasant box). There should be a separate queue for quest deeds, which, of course, should not put you into the game with the deed you already finished (or into the game which is almost done).

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Third alternative also suggests a separate queue, but unlike the previous one, this queue just gives you a random map + random deed modifiers every time and is not limited to 3-5 deeds per week, you basically would be able to play as many deeds as you want. To prevent restarting just to get easier modifiers, I suggest giving a 2-3 minutes cooldown if you lose the game during the first minute or two.

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