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What are some of your favorite weapon Illusions?

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There are some truly great ones, and some truly not-great ones. I have to note that I really don't like how even some of the higher tier weapons look like they've been hammered into shape out of pig-iron instead of high-quality steel (or Gromril, or Ithilmar as it may be in some cases). This is especially wrong in the case of Dwarf weapons, because Dwarfs do not half-ass things. I'll get the ball rolling:


Zharrstromez looks absolutely fantastic.

This Grudge-Raker. Great example of what I would consider good fantasy design: it's fantastical, but it looks like it would still work as a weapon.

Lhunegal Alabrinaz could be a contender for my favorite illusion in the game, except for the fact that it looks like it's about as sharp as a brick.

Seriously, sidenote time: why is it that dwarf weapons in fantasy tend to have such ridiculously thick blades? "It's fantasy, it doesn't have to be realistic!". No, that's not the point. Fantasy doesn't have to be realistic, but it does have to be believable and make sense within context. Obviously suspension of disbelief is heavily subjective, and if you like ridiculously exaggerated weapons, I'm not saying that your wrong, I'm just trying to explain my own preferences. I'm hoping that some day in the future, we will have the option to mess around with weapon models with mods. I could see a "Better Shaped Weapons" mod, like what LeanWolf did with Skyrim.

Here's an example: dwarf weapons being heavier than real life weapons. This is obviously not realistic, but it makes sense within context, because Warhammer Dwarfs are pretty much superhumanly strong. It is "realistic for the setting", if you will. However, a double-bitted axe with a blade of that shape (i.e. with a giant "beard" like that) does not make sense in context, because how the fu*k would you even swing that thing without hitting yourself with the other blade? Even worse are the swords in some settings where they have spiky grips and guards so enormous and jagged that you would stab yourself every time you tried to swing it. The same goes for axes with absurdly thick blades. Like, why not just have a hammer at that point? Anyways…

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Sentinels Drannach. Again, fantastical, but believable. That is an elegant spear.


Lothlann's Woebringer. Hot damn, I want this thing. I mean, that is by no stretch of the imagination a Glaive, but damn it looks good.

Marky-Mark Kruber

Unfortunately, I tend to find most of Krubers weapons kind of boring to look at. His Halberds usually look pretty good though.

However, this thing looks fu*king sweeeeeet. Handily one of the best looking Reds in the game, in my opinion. The decorations look gorgeous.


This Falchion is just a good, solid, high-quality piece. Incidentally, if we ever get the ability to create new skins for weapons, I'm tempted to try and make a cusped-style Falchion, instead of the hatched point version we have in game. Historically, the cusped versions were in fact more common than this cleaver-like blade.

The Weischbach Rapier is probably my favorite rapier. It's hard to pick, since there are so many good looking ones. I'm just not a big fan of dish hilts, so when I eventually get the Red, I probably won't be using it's standard illusion.

Okay, the red Axe is pretty fu*king gaudy, but I like it! It looks like something that Emperor Maximilian would have comissioned.


Bright College Staff of Ceremonies. That is one of the most metal things I've ever seen. I mean, good lord.

Anyways, lets hear some of your favorites!

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