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What are some weapons that become much more useful with specific breakpoints or builds?

chivalry screenshot1 - What are some weapons that become much more useful with specific breakpoints or builds?

My favorite example of this is the handgun. The only things it can't vanilla bodyshot are leeches/stormers/gas rats. 17.7% power changes that, turning it from an alright feeling weapon to the best special killer in the game.

The Glaive is already strong but on Handmaiden her +15% power lets her hit some big breakpoints. +20% inf/chaos on top of her talent makes fanatics a 1 hit and marauders a 2 hit. With HMs infinite push attacks, this build is simultaneously of the safest and most devastating ways to engage a chaos horde in melee. One of the few times I use opportunist as you'll be pushing literally every time you attack.

Grudge Raker. It already starts strong. Other than hook bois, you aren't great vs gunners/flamers/stormvermin. It's either use 2-4 shots, or virtually be in melee range and hit with all pellets to 1 shot. Run +%armor/skaven on charm (yes sacrifice atk spd) as well as +% to either on raker. Crit chance for scrounger of course. With ranger vets 25% less spread, this increases the 1 shot range on these armored enemies by 3-4x. The only thing you're weak against now is hook bois and you can stagger them with smoke bomb in emergencies. Even when running grudge on IB instead of vet, it feels way better with this setup. If you don't want to spend green dust just to test this, use the vet ranger 25% power talent bug to approximate how it should feel.


Halberd on mercenary. The best melee weapon in the game made even stronger. Give it a whirl with talents 2/1/1/2/3. Whenever density is big enough to matter, you'll be getting +20-30% power. Run +10 inf on charm(~5% overkill, so there's wiggle room) and you now 1 shot fanatics, 2 shot marauders. Like HM glaive but even more insane. Crit chance 5%base,+talent+trinket+weapon=20%, or 1 in 5 strikes is a crit, so you will proc Swift slaying for the duration of every horde. Paced strikes+SS+charm+weap=40% attack speed. You become an absolute blender.

Two handed hammer on slayer. I always found this weapon to be mediocre. It's too slow to engage a horde in anything but an already stable situation. (Without taking hits) Run Slayer with 2/1/3/2/3 and 17.2% inf/chaos. This will 1 shot fanatics, 2 shot marauders. Works just like mercenary but with even faster attack speed bonus, (With your infinite leaps in hordes) albeit on a slower weapon.

I'm not the first to figure these out and I'm wondering what other ways have you guys found to propel weapons up a few tiers of quality?

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