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What ignores Armour on lights seems completely random

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Krubers 1 handed mace/mace and shield both don't penetrate armour on lights. The heavy attacks on these weapons do something like 10% of the weapons damage to armour. It can take minutes of constant fighting to kill a single armoured foe like a CW. At the same time Bardins axe/hammer and shield all ignore armour.

The Falchion, a weapon designed to cut through skin and cloth, that historically was worthless against any armoured foe, does almost full damage to armoued foes on lights and heavies.

A flail, another anti armour weapon doesn't even penetrate armour on the first 2 hits. Thankfully the last 2 ignore armour so the weapon kind of does what you think it should.

I can forgive the Halberd having armour piercing lights as Halberds deliver tremendous amounts of force and axes are already good against armour.

I personally feel like the game could do from having weapons that make sense penetrating armour to actually penetrate armour. Blunt weapons should ignore armour on lights but have bad cleave. Cutting weapons should struggle with armour but have excellent cleave. Axes should be a middle ground that do full damage to armour on heavies but not penetrate armour on lights, while also having acceptable cleave.


This would open up a wide array of weapons that you currently can't use because they serve no purpose. Why would you currently use Krubers mace or arming sword. They are functionally identical and even both with the shield are still pointless. If the mace ignored armour and the sword had decent cleave they might have their own niches. Currently both are identical and equally worthless.

Why would anyone use Saltzpires axe when the Falchion does the exact same thing but also deals with hordes?

What purpose does the elf's two handed sword serve that the Glaive doesn't serve better?

What purpose does Krubers 2 hander serve that the Executions doesn't serve better?

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Why can a flintlock pistol ignore Stormvermin armour yet the same pistol as part of the Rapier can't?


Armour strong, thing that beat armour not beat armour. Thing that not beat armour beat armour.

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