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What is FS trying to achieve with the dagger nerf and is there a better way?

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - What is FS trying to achieve with the dagger nerf and is there a better way?

I'm going to be talking from the point of view of a Shade since I think the DD nerf is aimed at them first and foremost. I would love it if someone from FatShark could come in and answer some of these questions and maybe talk over these decisions with us.

It's obvious Shade needed to have her damage reigned in a bit but at the same time that burst damage is what the career is built around. She's not a defensive character, her low HP combined with the low stamina of DD means she needs to kill or quickly be overwhelmed. Currently this nerf means 20% less damage (before you consider the DOT damage nerf) across the board as Shade, which I think punishes Shade's doing their job and getting into position to trigger Murderous Prowess.


I would instead suggest either modifying the damage reduction from the current 20% to something closer to 12.5-15%, while increasing the damage of Murderous Prowess to 75%-100% natively (which is what it was during beta/release I believe). This will take care of Shade exploding enemies that are facing her while rewarding Shade's playing to her role and attacking from behind.

My most ambitious and difficult to implement solution would be 4 90 degree damage zones, with something like -20% damage to the front, 0% bonus damage when flanking the sides, and +20% bonus damage when attacking from behind. But that's asking a lot from a balance patch.

Any other Shade's try this beta out and think this nerf goes too far, any other ideas or POVs to consider? What exactly is FS end game here, killing both ranged meta and Shade melee seems to hurt her far more than anyone could have intended.


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