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What makes map difficult and what makes it unfair.

warhammer 7 - What makes map difficult and what makes it unfair.

I would like discuss about difficulty of few maps. The difficulty depends on many factors but it comes down usually to two: difficulty spikes and density. I will talk only about Cataclysm difficulty because I only play this or Cata deeds/twich. I know many players struggle on Legend and even Champion but it will be my perspective.
The best example of density is Convocation of Decay because constant spawns can acumulate over time and if you dont have enough killing potential you can be overwhelmed. Specials can be a problem and RNG can become a factor (it always is), but there is no difficulty spike during the event. One or two experienced players can carry team and there is space to kite enemies, you can use stairs to slow down enemies. This event is difficult but fair.

Engines of War is example of map where the hardest part is half way through it is also mostly density that is difficult. I always liked this map even in V1. Best way to finish it is doing this fast, use utility to your advantage and when you are in danger go to spot where player always spawn. You can defend there and wait for players to respawn.

Similar in that is Skittergate where the boss fight can be hard if you dont have enough DPS. Monks and shielded Stormvermin are difficult enemies in larger groups. Underground rats can also be painfull. Density of spawns can kill you in time.

Three examples of difficulty spikes are gorge in Athel, darkness in Hunger in the Dark, open plateau in Dark Omen. All of them can be difficult for diffrent reasons but you can always be patient to overcome them, wait for wave before progresing or rush it if you are confident.

Finale of Screaming Bell is my bane and it is also difficulty spike. There are few things that can be done here. You can rush it and deal with the spike or escape from the boss. you can kill initial wave and then do the rest but you have to still deal with density.


Now lets talk about difficulty spike and Enchanter's Lair. This is great map and final boss is interesting but when the last phase of that fight starts you encounter very high difficulty spike. I know that people say to use all of your pots/bombs there to burst him down but this is not an option on Cata, he has just too much HP and the only thing that can burst him down in a reasonable time are blunderbuss + grudgeraker on strenght, Shade and BH can ticke him and in my opinion you should not need any utility potions/bombs to beat him by good team of players with good setup. There are 3 things (other than his HP) that makes this phase so difficult:
– This is the smallest arena for the final event in all maps and with no obstacles to hide/kite enemies around (that few pillars are just deathtraps).
– You cant stagger the boss and he will push you around all the time.
– When he toss you and you are in air you are defensless, no matter BCR or stamina all attacks by trash enemies will land in that period and you cant do anything about it. If you are unlucky it can be 2 or more seconds.
I think that all 3 factors make this fight unreasonably difficult and I beat this map on Cata few times and once on twich mode we had Minotaur spawned during that fight (before last phase). I just dont like that I dont have any control over that fight, enemies spawn from all directions constantly so it is hard to CC them.

I like challenge and when I pull good cluch it is a great fealling but I am not a fan of that kind of difficulty spikes. I also would like to remove all attacks that destroy all of your stamina at once (no matter BCR/stamina) at least for shields. We have maps that are even harder like FoW or high weaves but in normal QP we sholuld not have something like this (beat FoW, 130 weave).

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