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What the game could’ve been since WoM

warhammer 1 - What the game could've been since WoM

First of all I would like to say that I love this game by heart, second, maybe there's a thread about this somwhere but I couldn't find on thie reddit, but somehow I feel that Vermintide 2 lost its potential since the release o WoM, but despite being a console player (Xbox) and live in Brazil (terrible ping, NAT and internet connection), besides here no one knows what Warhammer is, and it I don't have people to play with weaves, I can't help but think that this game could've thrived (even more) with this changes:

– Make the DLC free for a couple of reasons (not splitting the player base, Cata for everyone, etc). Monetization will be explained later;
– FS could've made a mini-campaign similar to what they did with the Drachenfels DLC (3-4 new maps, ending with a boss fight), the last map could be Dark Omens, and when you finish it, then you release/unleash the Winds of Magic because of that meteor;
– Once you complete the WoM campaign, ALL base and DLC maps are now influenced by one (or more) wind(s) of magic at random parts of the map, with beastmen only appering during these random encounters, they only happen 3-5 (or more, depends on balance) times per map and if the wind appears in an area where a monster spawns, it will be changed to a minotaur. These encounters are supposed to last 2-3min;
– The influence of winds can be toggled on/off when searching or hosting a match, since newer players could find this too difficult to play (or some people just want to finish a map to get a weapon/hero skin or portrait), with this, you don't split the playerbase that much;
– When selecting a level, you can either choose to have a specific wind on it or a random wind (making it more challenging, since builds can change depending on what wind you get);
– BtU (including FoW) maps can be played in their entirely with winds, since they're illusions, making them the ultimate challenge for Cata-Players-Book-Run-Twitch-Mode;
– Essence now is earned the more difficult you play (Normal maps X XP, Normal maps with a specific wind influence, X+Y XP, Normal map with random wind, X+Y+Z XP). This would be hard to implement, since can cause to unexperienced players try more hard levels then they can take;
– Get rid of the loot system with random chests and give everybody essence when finishing a map, use the essence to upgrade your weapons/jewellery (similar to what we have with Athanor right now), but now you can have variations of the same weapons/jewellery (you can have 3 or more Axe & Falchion builds, each one for Victor's career);
– Convert all weapons/jewellery/dust that the player has to essence similar to the power level of that item (if before de DLC I had 15 reds, 30 oranges, 10 blues and 10 units of red dust, I receive enough essence to build at least 17 reds, 30 oranges and 10 blues weapons/jewellery), because the grind will not be for powerful weapons, everybody can have that now even playing on low levels, but will be for awesome base skins;
– Books, Grims and Dices now are picked to convert them into shillings (alongside daily and weekly challanges) and with shillings you can buy base weapon and/or hero skins, now and then FS releases more base skins;
– By base weapon/hero skins I mean: you can have a longsword for Kruber, with shillings you can buy an array of different blades, grips, guards and pommels to make that sword feel unique to you, and then you aplly an illusion (a hybrid between Dragon Age Inquisition and Jedi Fallen Order). This can have a similar approach to hero skins;
-Illusions on the other hand are now monetized (alongside headgear), not only blue/white and purple, but as much colors as FS can provide (selling them individualy for each color/weapon/hero skin or with packs) for weapons and hero skins;
– Let players earn portraits by completing monthly challenges and in-game specific challenges instead of giving a chest with random equipment, you can even have specific WoM portraits like: Complete all base maps with "Aqshy" wind on Recruit/Veteran/Champion;


I know this is not the perfect world and lots of things that I said above aren't easy to implement (it would need a lot of balance and testing), specially the base weapons and hero skins, because they have to be lorewise to WH world and the artist team at FS would have LOTS of work to keep players engaged and offer new stuff consistently, but I would like to hear what you guys think about these changes. With this, I think the game could have an endless replayability, since you never know when/where a wind of magic will strike and completly change the way you're playing, and everybody will feel more powerful and grind for cool stuff: base skins and loadouts. And yeah, no more leaderboard on a PvE game, because hey, we don't need that.As a player with thousands of hours in Gears of War, Mass Effect 3/A MP and Path of Exile, one thing that I always hear/notice is that people want their heroes to look cool and have cool weapon skins, monetize this and don't split the playerbase releasing paid base content.

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