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What we know about Chaos Wastes

warhammer 9 - What we know about Chaos Wastes

I have seen a lot of approximations about Chaos Wastes, and never saw anyone giving the full picture, so here is all that I have gathered!

Chaos Wastes should take place here. As you can see it's not much far north. There, there is not much demons yet, thus the lack of new enemies. In fact, if you go where there is demons you're more likely to just die very soon of corruption. (My bet: they'll add demons if and when they will have some ready for Darktide, but now the priority for V2 is the game mode). Someone said that it might be not much north and still called chaos wastes instead of norsca because it will be just the start of a trip, with more content coming later.

It will be a new game mode. Rogue like, with unique temporary weapons to upgrade during the runs, small auto-generated levels with chaos gods influences, and at the end of each you decide to stop and get a reward or continue. (see here, here and here). Basically, it should be like make your own campaign. Heavy corruption, even for us? Stuff to bring back to the keep (hopefully not like weaves)?


I wonder how they will not include the weaves problems: quickplay friendly (if you make your own campaign can people jump in the middle?), bot friendly (look like a lot of weapon management), not restarting from 0 and make a new grind, and bringing back reward to normal mode. But let's see! Will I buy it? No, I got it for free at the umgak copsplay contest (ok actually I promised to buy half for my friend if I won so I guess I will still buy it)? Will it be fun? Probably, even if, indeed, Fatshark is taking a risk here with all the novelty. My guess is that because V2 is a well implemented game that actually doesn't need much more to be consider as complete, they are just trying around to 1. test new things to see if they are fun, like trying new formulas and innovating instead of sticking to the old good l4d mode, 2. try new stuff for Darktide so that when it's realised they would have already found better ways of doing things (like, not being stuck with the V2 crafting system… But also try auto-generated map parts, temporary weapons, "map effect" with god corruptions) 3. keep us untertained with new ideas to prepare us for darktide (and make us stick around until it's done). At the end for me look like they are taking a lot of risk to innovate because they know Vermintide won't die because of their mistake in this DLC.

(others for the ones who wonder: network problem should be steam side and soon fixed, and Kerillian career is almost done and being polished)

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