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Sorry, i'm not good enough in english, so i use the Google Translate so much.

First, I want to say that I am a fan of both the worlds of Warhammer (40k, AoC and FB), and Vermintide games in particular. And it would be unfair not to notice what work was done in the DLC for the first part, this was especially noticeable in Drachenfels – a new mechanics, an even darker environment. For this first part, I personally liked it so much – for the atmosphere of hopelessness, the constant night (with the exception of a couple of missions), hordes of skaven running out from behind. And, looking at the trailer and gameplay of the second part, we were all in anticipation – of course, because now, in addition to skaven, we added northerners and warriors of Chaos / Offspring. It is a pity, though, that they are all Nurgl’s followers; it would be interesting to meet with the Khorn’s followers.

But here the first problem came up – the same atmosphere of hopelessness disappeared, now almost all the cards are passed in the light of the day, and it became even easier to bring down hordes of skaven /Chaos. Gone is a feeling of constant tension and sympathy for this world. Chaos invades? Ha, now our superheroes squad will quickly solve everything! There are signs of destruction, but if night reigns in the first part – and it is clear why there is no one on the streets – then in the second part, we run in the light of day and … still, there is no one. Quite a few corpses on the streets, as if they had given everything almost without a fight, there is no light in the windows, and very few buildings are on fire (yes, I am talking more now about city maps). Now imagine the forest in Athel Yenlui … at night. Against the backdrop of howling wolves / dogs of Chaos / roar beastmen. And the skaven / Chaos are waiting ahead. Completely different sensations, isn’t it? No, I'm not saying that all the cards were worth making nightly – for example, the city in the first mission, Righteous Stand, Helmgart, can be left as it is, but! the city was attacked. Surely, the cries of people / the roar of the Chaos hordes/ the roar of guns, both skaven and human, and the sounds of battle in general should be heard everywhere. If something blows up against the background (visual effects) – it will be just super. After all, Helmgart is not the meanest fortress! In the dungeons, everything is fine, as in the entire third chapter. Fort Brachsenbrucke, perhaps, to make a bit gloomier and more traces of the battle in and near the fort. I think the main idea of ​​this paragraph is clear – please, more atmospheric! More darkness, hopelessness, echoes of the battle / roar of enemies, more signs of battle. However, it is also possible to wrap the change of weather conditions (although it will most likely be very busy loading computers, especially in the case of rain or fog).

Now – about the loot system. Here is the imperial chest. Why do only blue items fall out of it? Not always, but in 70% of cases green and blue fall out. And I immediately recall the system that was in the first part – the more you collect, the more cubes you will be given. In terms of loot, the first part was somewhat more interesting and more reckless than the second was – I would like to go through again, even better, to get the cherished cubes and a greater chance of a better object falling out. Yes, the resources in the second part just a huge amount because of such systems, but red objects, to me personally, never fell out (yes, even orange ones are too rare).

Now I will touch on two of the most, personally for me and my friends / acquaintances who are familiar with the game, aspects: diversity and replayability.I will begin, perhaps, with a variety of enemies and maps.

Even at the very first stream, which was dedicated to the start of the beta, I asked a question about beastmen. I am spamming them, I confess, but in response, we received something like this: we are thinking about the orcs and, possibly, another character. Remembering the events of the End of Times, we must not forget that the orcs, led by Grimgor, joined the united army of humans, dwarves, forest elves and undead. But, the orcs just promised a good fight, one might say. Now let us remember that it was not long before this at the walls of Altdorf. The combined forces of Empire, Bretonia and Vlad von Carstein, restrained the onslaught of beastmen (and the Chaos, if I remember correctly). And I immediately had a question – will the orc be another hero? But who can he be, except as a tank? They are already enough. However, that is what came to my mind. So, the end of time. No, End of Times. Even the undead (I will call it so, for convenience, although it can be indirectly attributed to the Kings of the Tombs as well) fought against hordes of skaven, beastmen and Chaos. In fact, for the complete set, there is not enough enemies to bring only Chaos (worshiping other gods, as well as Forsakens and other units that could be made as mini-bosses, like the Chaos warriors already present, and with ordinary meat, just not so easy to kill) and beastmen. Kings of tombs, Lizardmens and Dark elves, so far, do not take into account, as well as the dwarfs of Chaos (although it would be possible to add a couple for interesting replicas of Bardin). Orcs are not good for enemies, and, as a game character, they also hardly appear. But what if you make another character a vampire count? You can even the Countess, then we will have two female characters at once (and she can be made terribly beautiful). Why not? Vlad promised to help – and one of the Countess leaped into excitement, she wanted to revel in the blood of enemies, for example. We kill two birds with one stone at once – both the new dd and the new magician. I will not paint her skills and forms here, if it is necessary – I can throw off my sketches, otherwise I take up a lot of space here.


Therefore, there is an idea for a new hero. For enemies, too (Khorn’s followers, Forsakens, Chaos Chosen, Dogs of Chaos). Separately, I would like to mention the beastmen – to see their approaching wave would be much more unpleasant than, say, Chaos, which is now. Ungors, Bestigors, and in the center of all this – a couple of Minotaurs who, if they are attacked, run to you, throwing their allies away – wouldn't it have been more epic and interesting to contemplate? But well, let's say, let's leave them for the next part (like Bretonia, I also have a great idea for them). All the same, there are still units that can be added to the game without destroying the balance, but on the contrary, making the game a little more difficult and interesting. There are cards and the question of replayability.

When Vermintide 2 just came out, about 60 thousand people were online! Yes, this is a huge number for the game on the already defunct FB! And there was a promise of developers to release the first DLC in May. But, as they say, they have been waiting for the promised three years, so we waited for it at the very end of August. And they got two map (yes, excellent, no complaints about them), and a bunch of cosmetic items. Yes, at the time, it raised replayability, but what are the two map that put challenge only on the last difficulty level? We need endless mode. Probably not quite the same as in the first part, but its ideological continuation. This will allow those who abandoned the game to play it again (and not even one hour), and those who are still playing will give something new, for which you can continue.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. One of the biggest, in my opinion, mistakes is too much variety of maps at the start (oh gods, yes!). After all, there was everything: the imperial city, the forests, the camps of the Chaos, the dungeons, the dwarf’s catacombs, and the rat camps. People tend to get tired, and that is what you, dear developers, did – they fed up with us (no, this is not an accusation, just a statement of fact!). After all, now we need to think more carefully about what other terrain to do on the maps in the next DLC, good, the world abounds in various landscapes and a bunch of different factions. For example, you can let us "walk" in the camp of orcs captured by Chaos. Or show the settlement of Bretonia. Yes, even in the castle of one of the vampire lords can be sent again! Yes, it is incredibly interesting there, and if it is also the goal of one of the missions to make the protection of the Grave Guards while they wake up – this will be exactly what we crave for, uniqueness!

In the end, I think, it is worth saying a few words about what depends on the players themselves. Yes, I am talking about the output of the host and the subsequent restart of the entire mission. If the host cannot migrate with full progress, then maybe a few control points in each mission? And, in case of disconnection of the host, the other player would become him, and the remaining players continued the mission with the nearest passed kp.

Well, I think you can sum up. The game is not enough:

  1. the atmosphere of the first part and a little more elaborate maps and environment;
  2. a slightly modified loot system;
  3. greater replayability (increase due to the previous point) due to new modes;
  4. new enemies and game characters in DLC;
  5. new maps with unique tasks.

    This, of course, is not a complete list, because there are still small changes in the form of edits of complexity, damage, health and other things, but they are a trifle, compared to what I described above (in my humble opinion). Figures, specific descriptions are also missing, due to the fact that this information should be heard by the developers in order to warm up the interests of fans and players in general.

Thank you very much for your time, I hope everyone has something to say).

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