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What would you like to be the theme of next DLC?

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Personally I'd very much like to go outside the borders of the Empire. I think it may be difficult – it is entirely possible that FatShark doesn't have the rights to anything in WF that isn't Empire or in Empire's borders – but hey, a man can want, can't he. Anyway, what I'd like is a visit to Bretonnia and Athel Loren.

I see it as such: a considerable force of the Pactsworn have passed Axe Bite Pass and entered Bretonnia, having some dastardly plans there. The Ubersreik Five is sent to stop them. This could include three maps: an open map that takes place in the rural area outside Axe Bite Pass, passing fields, village and maybe ending in the Temple of the Lady (Lady of the Lake, Bretonnian deity), a city map that has the Five enter a fallen Bretonnian castle and a semi-open map on the very edge of Athel Loren, built roughly as the River Reik maps were. One of these maps, perhaps the castle one, would involve a boss fight.


I think that a change of surroundings would do well to refresh the gameplay. Players could learn more of the world's lore, too. Some new mechanics could be implemented there as well: for example, Bretonnia is known as a shitty place for anyone who isn't a knight. It's basically a dirty, muddy hole with knightly glimmer on top. The open map could reflect this – there could be strategically placed patches of muddy ground through which both players and enemies move slower and their stamina regen is halved. These would be great to defend before, but moving through them would have to be strategized so that the players aren't caught with their pants down. In the Athel Loren map the party could be coming under attack by the always distrustful and territorial Wood Elf parties; these attacks would require the players to hide behind cover and wait out an onslaught of wood elf archers' fire. On the bright side, any enemy out of cover during these attacks would be killed.

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