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What’s wrong with Legend pubs – ‘ranged meta’ – an observation and a few suggestions

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I spent the last week doing Legend pubs exclusively, often wiping in the first 2-10 minutes of the mission. We lacked communication and our positioning was rarely ideal, but the biggest and most obvious culprit was that the majority of pub players who do Legend just haven't mastered the melee combat yet.

So what's the most common Legend pub scenario, from my experience? A group of range-focused characters, erasing all hordes and specials as soon as they appear, as well as thinning-out elites to a minimum before they can ever pose a threat, just as they did all the way between Recruit to Champion.

Where lies the problem? A patrol, a boss or even just an ambush that catches the players in a dis-favorable position when they are unable to pew pew the threat down with bows, guns and flamethrowers, forcing them into un-coordinated and inexperienced melee almost always results in a quick wipe.

Here's some suggestions to get over this hurdle:


  • Adjust the damage, cleave and stagger of all ranged weapons to have predictable behavior, regardless of the Power values or Difficulty. for example, the Huntsman Longbow can one-shot Stormvermin with bodyshots on Recruit, Veteran and Champion, but the moment you enter Legend you quickly discover that your poorly aimed shots are no longer good enough. A change like this will surely either teach players that they have to improve their aim, or motivate them to rely on it less.

  • Rebalance the mechanics that allow easy ammo sustain. Scrounger is insanely powerful for a trait that requires no skill/knowledge to utilize. Conservative Shooter is in a weird place because it does reward well aimed shots, but easily becomes insanely powerful in the hands of a seasoned FPS player once the predictable AI movement patterns are memorized.

  • I'm not sure about this one, but I feel like ranged weapons with a high firerate or short reload time should have reduced cleave. I don't know if it was the developer's intention for bows/crossbows to solo-erase a horde before it can even reach melee range. Either way, it results in boring gameplay.


  • Give melee a try. Really, just avoid using your ranged weapons for a few days, at least while fighting non-Specials. Get a feeling for your melee weapons and see how they work when used together with other players to create a murderous melee blender.

  • Try to handle tricky situations on your own with your melee weapon of choice. Each weapon feels completely different and is designed to handle situations differently. Learning the pros and cons of each weapon will help you approach every situation with a fitting strategy, for example if your weapon sucks at soloing a horde, you're better of kiting them or staying close to the Hammer/Halberd/Falchion/Beanstaff for their obvious anti-horde advantage.

  • When you notice the other randoms in your game being 'out of position', join them to reinforce their 'out of position' melee blender. I know it's counter-intuitive and probably crazy and wrong, but it won't do you much good if your entire team dies out of position and you're left all alone in your perfectly defensible position once an army of rats comes your way.

  • Farming green circles and winning games aren't necessarily correlated. In fact it is definitely the opposite in some cases. Dealing the most damage or scoring the most kills doesn't always mean you're helping your team with what it actually needs in order to succeed.

  • If your goal is impressing other players with 360noscopes, then you're playing the wrong game.

Let me know what you guys think.

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