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What’s your opinion on people rushing ahead?

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TL;DR What do you think of people who rush ahead of other players? Do you think it's a d*ck move or do you think it's necessary, even when you run the chance of dramatically losing the level, or at least most tomes/grims?


Lately I've been paired with hosts or party members (mostly elves, not even kidding), that make it a habit to leave one or two, or even three players behind in order to rush tomes/grims/objectives, even if one of the players they leave behind has a tome/grim.

I was wondering if this was a normal thing, and how many people, specifically here, do this.

On one hand, I understand that some people just want to level up without wasting a bunch of time; on the other, being overrun by a hoard and losing a tome or a grim isn't exactly the most fun thing in the world, especially when your (((teammate))) who ran ahead wound up getting overrun themselves.


I also understand that sometimes there's a big experience gap when queuing, and sometimes there are players who are so inexperienced they don't know not to kite patrols, or not to throw grims away, but what I'm talking about is something I interpret as people who just aren't team players, and who don't care to drag their team down with them in order to just finish the level a few minutes early. I think it's risky and frankly a d*ck (elf) move, especially in Champion.

I'd love to hear what you all have to say about this – V2's been a blast.

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