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What’s your worst team experience? Air out your grievances!

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Last night I had two terrible runs:

  1. Joined a Veteran Against the Grain run to find my 3 other teammates down in the middle of a horde. Proceeded to clear the horde and rez all three of them, then struggle through the remainder of the map. They would all run in different directions and were never in the same place at the same time! It was a carousel of resurrections, using medpacks, etc. At several points, all 3 of them were out of ammo and walked right past 2 ammo crates. At the last barn, where you run out to the shadow gate, Saltz and I got trapped in the doorway with a combo Stormvermin patrol and horde. I finally went down for the first time all run… and Kerillian and Kruber, both full health thanks to my medkit use, abandoned us for the Shadow Gate. I typed "…" and Kerillian says "Maybe don't play like shit next time." Oh, I'm sorry for rezing your stupid ass, didn't know that was considered shit play!

  2. Shortest match I've ever played, joined a Veteran Into the Nest to find only a Saltz hanging out with me. Hmmm… where are Kerillian and Sienna? Waaaay the fu*k ahead. I only got glimpses of their outlines. Well, Saltz and I were booking it to catch up, killed a hookrat and two assassins. K and S went down to a Stormvermin patrol + chaos warrior. Almost there! We were beginning to massacre the patrol, and Saltz killed the chaos warrior, when the Sienna gets on his mic and says "you guys suck, see ya" and DC'd before we could rez him. Map went to Host Migration and didn't recover.

Got your own stories and no outlet? Welcome to the thread! (remember, no names)

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