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Where I’ve been, Stream Re-Launch Saturday 11/2/19

warhammer 1 - Where I've been, Stream Re-Launch Saturday 11/2/19

My streaming and playing has been intermittent for about a year now, and some of you may know why, but most probably do not. The last year has been a barrage personal issues and tragedy. As a streamer I tend to not to share much personal stuff, but I think this year has been exceptional in severity, so some venting may be warranted.

Starting last fall, a shoulder injury made using the mouse for extended periods of time excruciating. I was taking above the maximum dose of ibuprofen just to get through a stream. That brought it's own issues, but it drastically limited the amount of time I could stream. I was attempting to improve it with physical therapy exercises I gathered from youtube since my health insurance is pretty abysmal. It was very, very slow going, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

At the start of 2019, my father, who had been home-bound for several years, suffered a stroke. For several weeks I was more or less leaving work, and then spending 6-8 hours at the hospital with him most days. Shortly after that, a family friend and neighbor passed from lung cancer. I had seen him not more than 10 days prior, although his condition was known, I was fairly surprised. The day after Easter, my father suffered a fall, and since he was on blood thinners after the stroke (he had a clot in his heart and was waiting on a stent), this meant a trip to the hospital. While there for overnight observation, his blood pressure plummeted as a hospital born infection set in. He was moved to the ICU, where his awareness deteriorated. I had seen this with him before, he was in a similar situation four years prior, in the very same ICU. He went from a cannula, to an airvo, then finally a by-pap. He rallied briefly – about a day, in time for his 50th wedding anniversary, after that he continued to deteriorate. During a transient moment of lucidity he communicated his wishes and we transitioned to comfort care, after two weeks in the hospital, he passed.


Two weeks after my father passed, my cousin was murdered, beaten to death outside of a NYC night club by two men who were thrown out a few hours earlier and were waiting for him to leave. The following day my aunt passed away, she had been in the ICU about the same time my father was brought in. Two more weeks, another family friend, someone who I have known my entire life, someone who was at my father's funeral not even a month prior, passed. He had gone in for abdominal pain, and they discovered stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Most recently, another cousin passed, also a victim of lung cancer. I have spent more time at funeral homes this year than I care to think about, and I sincerely hope it is a long, long time before I need to step foot in another. The suit I wore to my fathers funeral still had the white gloves in the breast pocket from my grandmother's funeral just a few years ago, to which I added the gloves I wore that day as well. It was quite a lot in a pretty short time. Last month my mother had a cancer scare, and it was determined to be precancerous, she'll have to go in for frequent checkups but hopefully it was caught in time. If all that wasn't enough, the same day my father had passed, I came home, for the first time in four days, to a gas leak. The gas company had upgraded the meter and broken it in the process. They sent out a truck, and the sweetest 67 year old woman to fix it… She had known something was up by the look of me sitting on my porch waiting, after having spent 84 hours in the hospital. We commiserated, as she had just lost her brother to cancer. Since she had a plate in her foot, two bad knees, arthritis, and poison oak that "just wouldn't go away", I was replacing my own gas meter not three hours after my father passed, since she wasn't able to actually lift them. It was a surreal moment that I would had never imagined myself in. That along with a whole host of other unfortunate issues had really taken a toll. With the stress my job, I didn't really have anything left for streaming, I have been pretty much at my limit for months. This year has made me feel very disconnected from the community, and not only that, most of the other things I use to enjoy.

Well, now I'm dusting off the good ol' broken laptop, and firing up OBS once again. I have re-branded my channel to
r0b0c0rpse - Where I've been, Stream Re-Launch Saturday 11/2/19

twitch.tv/robocorpse . I have been streaming under this name for a couple weeks now, and this Saturday, 11/2/19, will be the official relaunch (for V2). I am aiming for 12-1 PM Eastern start time, I hope to see some old and new faces there. We will be completing the event, and I have the vampire frame, so if any of you kind folks wish to join for some runs, I'll be happy to spread the vampirism and play with any one trying to finish the event. I had made a similar post on the MWO subreddit last week, the other primary game I play, and had planned to do V2 on that day after, but there were technical issues after the patch that resulted in crashing on every attempted mission. While technical difficulties pushed it off for the V2 community, I guess it worked out because now we have an event, I have game codes to give away (including Vermintide 2 itself). Together we can make the final few months of this year be the opposite of last and enter 2020 on a whole new trajectory. It's about time I got around to knocking the rust off and exterminating some skaven…

f0rcedinducti0n robocorpse

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