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Which Push Attacks are worthwhile?

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For a while I thought push attacks were all pretty weak attacks meant to be used in desperation after a push, but after using dual axes a lot recently, I thought

. For those not in the know, although I expect a good number of you are, dual axes push attack is an overhead (easy headshot) swing with both axes, doing equivalent damage to the charged attack which functions similarly except the charged is more of a diagonal swing.

So I had a closer look at the push attacks of all the other weapons. Here is what I found:


  • Sword and Shield – I know this sub loves to rag on the shield weapons, but the push attack for sword and shield is probably the best way to deal with armour and single targets for it, since it comes out fast and the thrust makes for easy headshots. Bonus points for Sword and Shield having more Stamina so you can use it more often.

  • Halberd – The golden child weapon of Kruber with no glaring weaknesses. Most people probably know that the push attack is nearly identical to the third light and both are overheads with good single target armour-piercing damage. And you can follow up the push attack with that third light, giving a beautiful one-two combo which quickly deals with most enemies.


  • Dual Axes – As I mentioned before, it functions similarly to the charged attack which hits twice, but a direct overhead. You even get a short burst of speed with it which is nice for chasing after spawns and dipping in and out of fights.


  • Dual Daggers – Does the bleed dot like the light attacks, but can pierce and thus afflict the dot on armour, so you don't necessarily have to go for headshots. You should be going for headshots with daggers, but that isn't always possible.

  • Spear – Functionally the same as the third light, which is an adequate cleave for horde if you can't get the first charged attack off.

  • Glaive – Functionally the same as the light cleave. Comes out noticeably faster than the light cleave.

  • Sword – Same as the light attacks but with a much flatter angle, better for cleaving headshots in swarms.


  • Falchion – A flatter horizontal angle than the lights, but otherwise functionally the same.

  • Flail – A nice flat horizontal cleave but similar in function to the first two lights. More importantly it gives quicker access to the third and fourth light which wreck armour and shields.


  • Dagger – Has a bleed dot much like the first charged does.

  • Mace – Has a nice flat horizontal angle for horde cleave.

Are there any you think I've missed? I know some more have flat horizontal angles but seeing as (I think) the rest of them have otherwise flat horizontal attacks available, it isn't as noteworthy.

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