Warhammer: Vermintide

Which weapons do you think/hope will be added in the future?

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Some examples I'm hoping for.


Grenade launching blunderbuss. Should be pretty fun to use against hordes and to annoy your teammates with the inevitable friendly fire from the AoE.

Spear with or without a Shield. Spearmen are some of the standard state troops in the empire so I think Kruber should have access to a spear, preferably with a shield. Good defense with the ability to poke your enemies at range.


Throwing axes. This is a part of the rangers standard equipment so I'm honestly surprised it's not already in the game. Armor piercing and high dps but relatively low ammo. Should only be usable by rangers.

Trollhammer torpedos. Since the ironbreaker is also multiclassing as a firedrake I think they should add the trollhammer torpedo launcher. Unlike Krubers grenade launcher this weapon would be better used against priority targets like chaos warriors, bosses and other large targets rather than hordes.


Sword + repeater handbow. Since Kerillian have started using stuff from the dark elves I think this could be an interesting weapon. Sort of like Saltys rapier + pistol but instead of having an infinite amount of pistols in your pocket your handbow would have a magazine and finite ammo, but also higher RoF.


Then I hope they'll add some more bows with some of the wood elves special arrows, like starfire arrows (fire damage and "+1 to wound versus Forces of Destruction" in TT which includes both chaos and skavens) and maybe arcane bodkins though this is a talent atm.

** Saltzpyre**

2H-flail like the one this nice dude is using. Basically just a slower but more powerful version of his current flail.

Hochland long-rifle. This is basically a long range handgun with a scope. Maybe give it a bigger damage bonus for headshots so you can take out any special in one shot even on legendary and do massive damage to chaos warriors and bosses, as long as you can hit them in the head.

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For her they could basically take any normal weapon and then light it on fire, but in particular I hope she can get something like this triple-flail except on fire.

For staffs I would like something with guided and/or homing projectiles. Like a basic attack with guided fireballs and a charge attack that fire multiple homing fireballs at random enemies.

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