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Who is Catrinne (Part II)

warhammer 9 - Who is Catrinne (Part II)

Disclaimer: There are more parts to come! We'll continue later I just want to write the next part on my pc because mobile and formatting sucks.

So I recently created a post where I asked who the lady was Lohner mentioned during his dialogue in some paintings (This post)

To recap for the unaware right here, it basically goes that Catrinne is Catrinne of Aldenstein the painter of the lovely new frames we got to decorate our keep and as it seems an acquaintance of Lohner.

This is so far all we know for certain, but of course there are things we can speculate on.

So here it goes, get your tinfoil hats ready because we are going to find out who Catrinne really is (at least I will try to explain to the best of my ability who, I think she is and what role she will play in the future.)

So here is the one thing I am certain of we can confirm, Catrinne of Aldenstein is Catrinne of Aldenstein. There are no hidden identities here! (But of course I will consider that she could be someone else, I'll get to that part later.) I say this because some people thought she was from Kislev, this is baseless and probably wrong.

So for now we will stick with this: Catrinne is just a painter.

As such we should have a look at the lore surrounding her, which means we will look at her paintings. But I'm not gonna bother much with the motives of the paintings, I will mention them when they could mean something but for now I'll just focus on Lohners dialogue.

So let's start with the painting for Righteous Stand (ofc only the one by Catrinne)

"Bastion of Faith: Now this is a cheerier one. Sigmars Temple shining in the sun. The Dawn always comes, if we make it through the night"

So this one is probably the most difficult to analyze because it doesn't say much about Catrinne and tbh it's kind of odd. Catrinne normally paints pretty creepy, hellish stuff. This however is just the loading screen of RS. So I won't bother and tell you more, let's move on with the next one.

This is for Convocation of Decay "In search of Peace: Given who's standing front and center, I reckon Catrinne's having a bit of a laugh with the title"

So now here's a lot to unpack, first of all Catrinne is depicting our favourite Pyromancer: Sienna Fuegonasus. She's just standing in the entrance to the map and well we all know that Sienna gets a bit defensive when Bardin or Saltspyre mock Shallya. However they make fun of her because Shallya is not aggressive enough for them. This is in some way apparent here as Sienna is also vastly more aggressive than Shallya. So the painting and text make fun of someone willing to slaughter thousands of Skaven yet still being a strong believer in Shallya (or at least defending her).


This may as well be connected to Catrinnes crush on Victor (we'll get there). Yet I do not think this is meant to be taken as hostile behaviour, I do think that Catrinne, even though she is in some way in a love triangle there, still admires Sienna in some manner.

So to get this packaged well; this painting first of all again shows the ironic twist Catrinne gives her paintings more often than not but it also depicts Sienna, which should tell us that at least she is jealous of her or just a friend or admires her, let's not forget that there aren't many characters getting depicted by her. So this shows some emotional involvement, but it's not sure in which way that goes.

This one is for Hunger in the Dark "The loneliest Vigil: I keep telling her that you were all there, but no. Victor Saltspyre alone against the world. Still can't fault the likeness."

This is probably one of the paintings where it is apparent that Catrinne has a crush on Victor. This more so because of Lohners dialogue which mentions that she should depict all of them but doesn't. This is also why "In Search of Peace" is strange, because it depicts someone else than Victor.

And this of course gets to the central conflict of Catrinne as a new character. And yes I know some will roll their eyes here but I think FS will maybe set up a love triangle. Just that maybe it'll be interesting. And that's actually what this part of 'Who is Catrinne' is about. Because I won't be able to analyze everything in one part, this is going to take a while. But I think it will be worth the read in the end.

For now I'll leave you with what I think we know, Catrinne is a painter with connections to Lohner, who is obsessed with depicting Saltspyre as a hero who fights for a just cause in the world and she is in some way emotionally connected to Sienna, be it in a good or a bad way. This imo is bound to end with a love triangle, that potentially could be pretty interesting.

See you (not really) in the next part Heroes! When we continue with the last painting for the first act.

Special thanks:

Thanks to /u/DarkKneeGrow for providing the community with a full album of all the paintings (currently) in the game

Criticism of what has been written so far is encouraged, if you're willing to share your own ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!

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