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Who is Catrinne (Part III)

warhammer 8 - Who is Catrinne (Part III)

Hello Heroes!

Welcome to the third part of 'Who is Catrinne' a series of posts detailing the possible connections and future of the newly introduced character Catrinne of Aldenstein. Much of what I'm going to say is connected to her paintings, therefore all of this has at least some base in the game and is therefore lore friendly.

In the first part (here) i only asked the community who Catrinne is, that is why it has no speculation on its own and just in the comments.

In the second entry of this series (here) I detailed what I now believe to be possible hints at her identity. As of now I only went over the paintings for Righteous Stand, Convocation of Decay and Hunger in the Dark.

The essence of this part, to recap here shortrly, was the following:

For now I'll leave you with what I think we know, Catrinne is a painter with connections to Lohner, who is obsessed with depicting Saltspyre as a hero who fights for a just cause in the world and she is in some way emotionally connected to Sienna, be it in a good or a bad way. This imo is bound to end with a love triangle, that potentially could be pretty interesting.

Now in this part we shall go over every painting by Catrinne concerning the maps Halescourge, Athel Yenlui, Fort Baconbridge and Into the Nest.

We will start where we last finished with Halescourge:

Heresy in Chains: Artistic licence being taken again here. Or is it a metaphor for Ghulmagaks inbfluence over that Helmgart mess? Why she can't just paint things as they are, I don't know

So with this one the painting itself is probably the most interesting, as it depicts the bloody thing we try to destroy in Festering Grounds, and it is also depicted in incredible detail. Which will bring me to some speculation.

Of course I did say that Catrinne is just a painter, well I'm not to sure about that, because most people in the Empire would never see Ghulmagaks Monolith yet Catrinne is very much able to depict it, which I think should be reason enough to assume that she might as well has seen it. Which leads me to believe that of course there's a deeper bond between her and Lohner and that she could possibly be a spy for him. I mean come on, how do the paintings even get to that freaking hill, surely she has to be connected to Taals Horn Keep in some way.

Furthermore I do think that this is the first painting that hints at her possibly being a bit crazy or maybe receiving visions in the same way Kerillian does. But this is a bit baseless so I will keep it out of this post for now, but I think I will come back to that.

Next up is my favourite mission Athel Yenlui:

Fallen Pride in the Temple of Winds: I asked Catrinne about this one. 'It'll be our turn next'. That's what she said. I'm starting to worry about her.

Real quick before I go into the analysis of this one I just want to mention this awesome Easter Egg, as it mentions the Temple of Winds which is also a fantasy book by Terry Goodkind. I find that interesting and I think it also shows the love Fatshark has for old school fantasy in general.

So again I'm repeating myself, Lohner also said that she is maybe turning insane. However I think far more interesting things can be examined here.

First of all Lohner says :

I asked Catrinne

which I take as him being able to contact her regularly, which I take as validation for her being a spy or at least assisting Lohner in his deeds and not just being a painter.

Second thing is the:

'It'll be our turn next'

Which could mean that Catrinne is predicting the downfall of the Empire and she wouldn't be wrong about that. But maybe just maybe, this isn't actually Athel? Well of course I think it is but I gotta be honest those trees in the background look a lot like mountains. Again I do not believe this but I know a place in the Warhammer World that is also infested with Skaven, has huge mountains and jungles. And also the lighting is quite different from normal Athel. But that could just be because she's seen it during another time or just imagined it differently.

So I think this is Athel and it does not hint at another setting, but maybe Catrinne was in Athel Yenlui so that's cool.

Next we shall have a look at the Painting for Fort Bacon Bridge:

Daemons Crossing: You should have heared the tale Catrinne told me about this place. Something about tentacles. Seems you were lucky not to run into worse than ratmen and northlanders.

So again like I mentioned with the last one with Righteous Stand, there isn't much to talk about here as it is just the loading screen. I think the Story Catrinne told Lohner is interesting and implies we could get a new boss or something like that with a new dlc but there real isn't something about Catrinne here.


Maybe she just imagined the tentacles but I don't think she is that batshit insane yet (we'll see)

Now let's wrap this one up with the last painting for Into the Nest:

Empire of Decay: We've seen a few places like this haven't we? I much prefer them in oils and canvas than in timber and bone

Now this is odd isn't it? It's the loading screen just there is no Kerillian. So again Catrinne seems to stay away from the other three of the Übersreik Five, she only depicts Sienna and Victor and I don't get why.

But I have my theories.

First being that she just doesn't like them, but who doesn't like Kruber? So that one is probably false.

So here are the two ones I think are most likely, for one she admires both? For Victor it's clearer than for Sienna as Victor is often depicted as the lonely Hero, and there's also the heart on the back of A Study in virtuous Nobility. So my guess is she likes both or only likes Victor and that's why the painting of Sienna is mocking her (with the title and all).

Maybe she sees them as parents? I mean we don't know how old she is. She could be a child or teen and just sees both as heroes that maybe saved her once? Although I'm just not sold on that one. I mean that child has some balls if she really is a spy for Lohner.

And now the tinfoil theory which I think could be right. So of course I'm a huge believer that she is working with Lohner and might be a spy. So what's the logical thing to do if you have a spy?

Yeah you let them spy on someone. So let's go over our options. Bardin and Markus are bad options to let someone spy on them, because they talk too much. That part Lohner can handle himself. I mean for Sigmar Markus is not even shy about accusing the leading Generals of the Empire of their incompetence in front of a Witch Hunter.

So Bardin is also bad because he does the same after some ale and he's not really interesting for Lohner. I mean what more can Bardin hide here, we know why he's not with the dwarfs (well actually we don't but that is a story for another time) and we know what he's seeking. No these ones are bad options which leaves us with Kerillian.

But why would you, Franz Lohner, someone who has personally met Karl Franz and travelled all the way to Altdorf, who was part of an elite group of soldiers (maybe even their leader if some are to be believed) and who also employs a powerfull wizard, of sorts, from Kislev, who conjures up a whole city (Übersreik in the dlc) care about Wutelgi business, yes she has secrets but Saltspyre already spies on her, if you spy on him you get two birds with one stone.

So this leaves us with Sienna and Victor, so why spie on them. For one it seems Lohner is still very loyal to the empire and Victor is that too, on the surface.

Now what do I mean with this? I don't think Saltspyre is very open about what he plans on doing in the future and he's also very mysterious and extraordinary for a WHC. Surely he has something to hide. And he should question what the Empire/ Order is doing, by now he has seen enough Skaven to know that they're real, he also endures a lot of mocking from Kerillian (and Sienna sometimes) by now he should have killed if he was a normal Witch Hunter. Furthermore there are things we just don't know, I mean how did he lose his eye again? Well he gives an answer, a very short one at that, to Bardin. Why would you not want to know more about him?

And Sienna? First she's still up for trial, even if Saltspyre isn't going to bring her there. So having someone watch over her is not ill advised. And she's also one of the strongest characters lore wise, not just because she's a wizard but also because she's intelligent. And if you are, as Lohner is, at the head of a spy network you should watch out for people that are smart.

So I'll leave you with this for now, maybe Catrinne is not just a painter and maybe there is no love triangle but it should be clear to everyone that she is in some way connected to the faith of Victor, Sienna and Lohner. We'll continue with Act Three in Part IV.

Till then happy slaying Heroes!

Special thanks:

Thanks to
DarkKneeGrow - Who is Catrinne (Part III)

/u/DarkKneeGrow for providing the community with a
full album of all the paintings (currently) in the game

Criticism of what has been written so far is encouraged, if you're willing to share your own ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!

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