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Who is Catrinne (Part V)

warhammer 10 - Who is Catrinne (Part V)

Welcome back Heroes!

This is the second to last part of a series of parts concerning the identity of the newly introduced character Catrinne of Aldenstein. (Part II, Part III, Part IV)

With this part we shall end the discussion on paintings as we discuss the paintings for The Skittergate, Horn of Magnus, Engines of War and the special Painting you get for collecting 150 ravaged art 'A Study in Virtuous Nobility'

We shall also shortly talk about the painting for Festering Grounds again, but first let's recap where we last left.

So I'll leave you with this for now; We can piece together that Catrinne is probably one of Lohners most trusted spies, not only tasked with infiltrating the quarters of Victor and Sienna but also working with Olesya on expeditions to the far north. Furthermore she's not just another asset for him, he is in some way worried about her and cares for her in a way that is seldom seen when he speaks about other characters.

So normally I would recap some more here but, as I think that most who read this far are probably familiar with my theories, we shall dive right into the speculation bit about Festering Grounds.

By now we probably all heared the big news of the expansion this summer. Among other things they're adding a new mode where the levels are visually changed (also gameplay wise ). As of now this is set to be connected to the different lores of magic, but I think this painting hints at another one being introduced or at least shows one level being altered.

The connection is in the title of the painting The Tree that devours Dreams, this title leads us to Morghur one of the leaders for the beastmen, and while I sincerely doubt that we will see him in the game I would still believe that he will at least in some way be involved. For one there is too much hinting at the Drakwald and more of his territories to not at least make one suspicious, furthermore he could be used to introduce one of the winds of magic, like the wind Ghur, which is also the lore of beasts also named the brown wind and it is hard to deny that the painting isn't coloured slightly more brownish than other paintings by her, Lohner also says that we haven't mentioned something like this in Helmgart, the reason for that being that it is not yet in the game.

So that Painting just got a lot more interesting with recent news, wonder if there are more paintings like this…

Let's start with the last painting of the Helmgart campaign:

The Virulent Sea: I feel a shudder every time I look at this one. It's not the cold. It's not the horde of merciless northlanders making landfall. But those skies? They ain't natural.

So this could also hint at the expansion, as the sky is not natural and magic isn't considered natural by many in the Empire and winds of course being in the sky, I still think this connection is loose but I thought the connection to the beastmen was loose in the painting for Festering Grounds, so you never know?

Furthermore I think it's interesting to think that Catrinne saw the Northlanders landing somewhere.

We could also consider that Catrinne may know the future as with The Tree that devours Dreams, The Virulent Sea could just as well be a depiction of the future, which would further explain why Lohner is so interested in her.

Because while it is good to have an excellent spy, it is of course better to have an excellent spy which can see and maybe predict the future.

Leaving the base game behind there are still paintings by Catrinne

Journey into Light: Hard to be sure what Catrinne's based this on. You lot do spend a lot of time wandering around underground.


Honestly, here I would like to tell you that I've got no clue. Of course I could be funny and say that this hinted at the second weekly mutator. But that would be trash. So as this painting is hard to even see I think the most interesting thing is the title (as always).

Journey into the Light of course being a metaphor for death. As one begins his journey into the light when he dies, this can of course be seen as a statement on the destiny of the characters in this game series, our characters will of course one day find their death, either on the battle field or in a small room getting sucked by two leeches.

It is also true that we spent a lot of time underground, however I would think that Catrinne (being a spy) would spent more time there. My best guess would be that Catrinne somehow didn't stick to her character and Lohner has to cover up for her by directing us to another subject. He's after all still not able to speak to us about everything and sometimes even hides facts from us.

Now let's discuss our last painting from a level:

Blackfall Mine, Hopes last Gleaming: What do you reckon? Could be that hole Olesya dug you all out of? Bit of artistic license involved, but I like it

I'd say Lohner is right on what it is depicting but I would think he's deceiving us again. It probably wasn't Olesya helping, well I still think she helped but Catrinne is in my opinion the one doing most of the work here. I would also take a wager and say that Journey into the Light actually depicts a secret entrance to Blackfall mine.

So we'll finish this with our last painting

A Study in Virtuous Nobility: There's a little heart etched on the back! I really do need to have a word with that girl, don't I? This is why I never became a father.

The painting of course depicts Saltspyre, which I think is another clue that Catrinne is spying on him and is actually very close to him. As Study implies that the one being depicted is actually present for the painting. But I don't know if Victor has any suspicions. Further Nobility is a running theme in Victors story. It's not diffrent here with the title, however calling Victor virtuous nobility is interesting as Victor is just the son of a simple black smith born near Senden.

However of Aldenstein implies that Catrinne is in fact of noble birth, if the feelings are not played or are there to deceive Victor this could of course make Victor in some way nobility. But we can't turn the painting and look if there is in fact a heart on the back, so we have to take Lohners word, which I do not think is good advice.

It also seems interesting that Lohner isn't a father, making me question why he is so concerned about Catrinne. I think it's because she can in some way predict the future.

So this is all for now.

As I didn't really reveal anything new in this one I will not give the typical 'So I'll leave you with this for now'. I will however give you something to look forward to. Next part sadly is not about paintings, but I am going to take everything we know so far and put it all in context, plus I will talk about some things that aren't mentioned in the paintings.

Most of this will not just be about Catrinne but also about Lohner.

Till then happy slaying Heroes!

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