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Who is Catrinne (Part VI)

warhammer 6 - Who is Catrinne (Part VI)

Welcome back Heroes!

This is the final part of a series of post discussing the identity and significance of Catrinne of Aldenstein. (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)

Magic? Me? No, I'm all about legerdemain and sleight of hand. Staying one step ahead of the game – that's my magic.

I spent the last parts detailing who I believe Catrinne is based on her paintings. Now that we have gone over all of them I think that we have a somewhat focused vision of who Catrinne is, yet we didn't talk about everything as there are still things left untouched from our speculation.

So I'll finish the speculation here with the last thing we didn't yet talk about, Catrinnes name. As in what it means.

First of all Catrinne and all other related names like the italian Caterina or the german Katrin mean 'Pure'. Which is quite interesting as we could now say that maybe her name itself is a lie and just a code name to trick Saltspyre as Catrinnes depictions often aren't 'pure'. Of course the other connection to the word 'pure' is also religious as one might describe Jesus as being pure and the people of the empire would also describe Sigmar as a pure being. But pure also has a twisted meaning to it, as one might call something pure in their own mind but for others it would be unreasonable to call it so.

For example christians during the middle ages called the Crusades a pure war, as it was their god given duty to take back the holy land, and of course the same goes for the Dschihād of the islamic regions during this time period.

What I'm getting at is that although Catrinne the name might mean pure, it is entirely left to humans (or dwarfs or elfs or lizards) what they define as pure, so pure is basically a stand in for misdirection and deception. This makes Catrinne, just by looking at her name, and yes I will admit I am taking this a bit far, someone who is willing to deceive people for the sake of the so called 'pure' cause.

Furthermore let's talk about her last name, this is pretty easy as I am German so I get the meaning for free. It's obviously important to keep in mind that her family name also means that she is of noble birth.

So Aldenstein is basically a spoonerism for the two german words 'Alten' which means old and the word 'Stein' which means stone, it's also important to keep in mind that the title von und zum Stein (of and to the stone) was the name of one of the most important prussian reformers: Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein.

But before I start talking about prussian nobility for too long, lets stick to Catrinne. So the meaning is kind of enhanced with Catrinne as she's not just of the Stone but she is also from the old stone. Now we could just say what's the difference: stone is stone be it old or new. Well I think it's not the same, as old also implies that she's of the big stone. And which stones are big and also old? Mountains. And where is our lovely Keep? In the mountains. And do we know how Lohner got to summon a big keep out of his arse? No. But do we know that Catrinne had to live somewhere, is of noble birth, has known Lohner for a while and also has a name that points to her family coming from the mountains? Yes we do know all of that. (It's also interesting that Lohner refers to the keep as an old place)

So what am I getting at with all of this?

We've all been slaying rats for quite some time now, and I know as good as any other player that sometimes we lose track of the story being told in the background.


So what is the story that has been sneaking up on us, all the while we were slaying rats? Well it's basically a story of abuse and suffering, and losing, a lot of losing. As Lohner says:

We're a right sorry band ain't we? But we've got it where it counts. Many have it worse.

So of course we know what our characters lost: Victor lost his faith in the order after seeing the ratman (and his eye but you know), Markus lost his willingness to live after his comrades were slaughtered and he also lost his family, Kerillian lost her home, Bardin lost his home (if not more but that's a story for another time) and for Sienna most of what has been said doesn't specify anything but it's pretty clear that she has been through some shit.

And Lohner? Well as he would say:

Not many friends left these days. You know how it is. Life's dangerous for folk like us.

You think these days are bad? Ho ho, I've seen worse I can tell you. And as for what I've heard… it'd make your toes curl.

So it's pretty clear that Lohner in some ways also felt loss and that he has been through some tight situations and it's clear that he once fought side by side with comrads:

Don't really hold with swords these days. But I'd a real beaut' when I was younger… hee hee… I wonder what happened to it?

So what happened? Maybe Catrinne is the answer?

Well I don't mean that Catrinne is the answer as in he found a girl and setttled down with her but in some way he gives his early career up because he has to do some things for her. (of course it could also be just because of old age but still the emotional connection to Catrinne is there).

And I would speculate that Catrinne is the daughter of one of Lohners old friends. And that he has in some shape or form swore to protect her. As I have set in Part IV Catrinne is not just another asset for him, he would care for her even if she would just make paintings and not also (as I suspect) spy on Sienna and Victor.

So some may be wondering why I don't just consider her to be Lohners daughter short answer is, because Lohner has no children.

So who is Catrinne?

Catrinne is Lohners most trusted spy, not only tasked with infiltrating the quarters of Victor and Sienna but she has also been sent to missions in the far north. She's not just another asset for him, he deeply cares for her and I suspect he once swore to protect her. Maybe to a comrad he lost long ago.

And where does this all lead? I think it leads right into the core of our story, for as much as this is a story of slaughter, it is also a story of friendship and hope even if the odds are stacked against us. That yes our heroes are flawed, selfish, greedy and traumatised, but at the end they still have each other and maybe some day, they can find a way out of war and suffering. Because for as much as they spy on eachother they also do it to keep the ones they love save.

I'm probably wrong about half of this. (But I hope not)

Till then happy slaying Heroes!

Criticism of what has been written is encouraged, if you're willing to share your own ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!

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