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Who is Catrinnne (Part IV)

warhammer 8 - Who is Catrinnne (Part IV)

Welcome back Heroes!

This is the fourth part of our semi weekly series 'Who is Catrinne'. For the unaware, this series of posts is detailing and speculating over the true Identity of Catrinne of Aldenstein. (Part III, Part II, Part I).

In the last few parts we discussed all paintings by Catrinne for Act I and Act II. In this part we shall go over the paintings in Act III, this does not include 'The Skitter gate' and only involves the missions: Against the Grain, Empire in Flames, Festering Grounds and The War Camp.

To recap once more here shortly, this is what we left with in the last part

So I'll leave you with this for now, maybe Catrinne is not just a painter and maybe there is no love triangle but it should be clear to everyone that she is in some way connected to the faith of Victor, Sienna and Lohner. We'll continue with Act III in Part IV.

We finished the last part believing that Catrinne of Aldenstein is a spy hired by Lohner to infiltrate the quarters of Sienna and Victor. This is because of paintings and Lohners dialogue. The question we added was why anyone would spy on Victor or Sienna, to make it short, it's because they're the ones hiding the most and you also get to know what's up with Kerillian as Saltspyre spies on her himself and Kerillian trusts Sienna, so that's how you kill two birds with one stone ( or three it doesn't matter!).

So now that all are hopefully up to speed we shall continue.

We start where we last finished with Against the Grain

The Beast of Helgrams Farm: I swear that thing gets larger everytime I cast an eye on it. Still where there's light, there's hope.

So this already shows what our theme for this part is going to be; Catrinne going insane (or is she?). First of all it's nice to know that we now have a name for the farm with the monster in it. It's Helgrams farm, who that is? Don't ask me I'm just here for Catrinne.

Of course Lohner is the one seemingly going insane here as he is the one imagining the Rat Ogre getting bigger but it still sets the theme, because as you might know paintings can't change their size. There really isn't much to say here as it's just the loading screen for Against the Grain. Of course it could imply that Catrinne saw the beast with her own eyes which would make her an incredible infiltrator, but I think that would be stretching it. So let's move on.

So what's up with the painting for Empire in Flamnes?

The Price of Tolerance: Tolerance? What does this have to do with tolerance? I might just need to have a word with that girl. I think she might be getting cynical.

So what's the big deal with this painting? Two things for one: what it shows and second the use of the word 'girl'

Our first question should be what it is even depicting. And to be honest it's hard to say, I definitely think it's in Ussingen. The most credible theory would probably be to say that it's just right before the Barons Manor. This is mostly because of the tree that's burning and the steps, but I'm not one hundred percent sold. So why am I not sold? Because it's a weird decision to depict that and the glues we do have are kind of lackluster. First of all the steps could just be a broken wall, like at the end of the mission when we escape, the tree is also there. So these are two possible spots. No matter which one you think is true doesn't matter.

Because truly interesting is the fact that Catrinne has been in Ussingen. Maybe before and even after the destruction of the Barons Manor. Which means she had to do something there. The normal mission is just about blowing up the manor, or was it?

Because lets be honest here how much is that going to do, of course the Rotbloods can't collect their loot and food but there really isn't something else that is ruined by our actions. Loot can be collected again and food shouldn't be a problem for these guys, they could just send some of them hunting. No there's more to it and it all ties back to the baron, because Olesya has some interesting facts about him.

And yes, I almost forgot… I can confirm that Ussingen's Baron Justus Francke had dealings with the secret Nurgle cult active in the area, and left the town right before the Rotbloods attacked it. I hope we can some day lay our hands on him to mete out some justice. Justice for Justus. Hm.


of course Baron Francke might just be a red herring. But let's just assume Lohner and Olesya are really out to get him, how do they even know he's alive? I mean we blew up his manor and we also saw a lot of dead people right by the entrance. So my guess would be that Catrinne was sent to confirm if the baron is still alive.

And it seems he is. So that's the first part done. We know why Catrinne was there and why she could depict both of the sceneries that are likely.

So now lets talk about the 'girl' part of Lohners dialogue.

I'm hardly the first one to mention that Catrinne may not be a grown woman but instead a girl. Now while this is possible and I might just be gettting tunnel vision because I already have a pretty clear image of who Catrinne is in my head, but i do not think that this part is to be taken literally. It's, I think, just the image Lohner has in his mind when thinking of Catrinne. It seems they have known each other for quite a while now.

But let's move on with the Painting for Festering Grounds:

The Tree that devours Dreams: I don't remember you mentioning anything like this in Helmgart. We might want to watch Catrinne. I'd hate for her to end up on a witch's pyre.

So again we continue with our theme of Catrinne turning insane. Which I still don't buy. Because as of now she has depicted everything like it was, the only exception being the painting for Halescourge which as Lohner mentions himself could just be a metaphor. So let's just take the painting as real and say that it's just depicting a scene we are yet to see in the game world. (maybe this is some foreshadowing for new missions, one can only hope).

This would of course mean that Catrinne is not just operating in Helmgart.

But more so Lohners dialogue shows that he cares for her, again hinting that he has probably known her for qiet a while now. This is important to mention because it actually means a lot. As Lohner is pretty dismissive of our group but cares for Catrinne, probably best seen when Lohner mentions that he could change the world with five heroes yet has to stick to us.

Let's end this one with the last painting of Act III:

Study of a Northlander Camp (Number 3): You know the thing I like best about this? That those murdering buggers are very small or at least a very long way away.

So with this one the title is probably the most interesting.

A study of course implies that the Camp was present when Catrinne depicted it, which would mean that she had to travel there. We know that Olesya can do that but she never mentions someone going with her. Of course she could just hide that from us, which I believe, and this would mean that at the very minimum Catrinne travelled into the far north with Olesya at least once. The studies would of course serve a strategical purpose, as Lohner remarks that he can even see small Northlanders, therefore they are probably very detailed.

Number 3 of course implying that there are at least two more depictions, which would mean that Olesya and Catrinne probably spent some time there.

And there's not much I could add here.

So I'll leave you with this for now; We can piece together that Catrinne is probably one of Lohners most trusted spies, not only tasked with infiltrating the quarters of Victor and Sienna but also working with Olesya on expeditions to the far north. Furthermore she's not just another asset for him, he is in some way worried about her and cares for her in a way that is seldom seen when he speaks about other characters. We'll continue with the last remaining paintings in the next part.

Till then happy slaying Heroes!

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