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Why did you try to reinvent the crafting wheel, Fatshark?

2603122 2013 06 07 00001 1024x576 - Why did you try to reinvent the crafting wheel, Fatshark?

You spent so long improving V1's crafting and progression systems. You reworked crafting, you added quests and contracts to mitigate RNG, and you added last stand for a bit of fun and some bonus materials. Why did you throw all that away to do something "new" and completely inferior?

Here are my gripes:

-There are too many bloody materials. We have three rarities of dust, we have scrap from dismantling, weapon parts, and trinket bits. And on top of that, the implementation of green dust AND its importance in rerolling is entirely backwards. What was wrong with having tokens?

-You can't break stuff down. Tying into the first problem, you can't dismantle dusts into lower rarities. Why? People shouldn't need to farm difficulties they're way too geared/skilled for just because everything requires green dust. There is no point to having it. It makes people play less, not more.

-It was faster. Holding the button and then waiting for the animation to finish blows. We're not using controllers. Ditch the wait time.

-Rerolling traits. We used to be able to pick between a new one, and keeping the current one, if we didn't like it. Like, you had to fix this in V1, and it was great when you did. Why did you forget about this major improvement?


-You can't reroll the numbers on properties. Again, another big improvement to the first game, forgotten about. All you can do is reroll all your properties and hope for the best.

-Q&C was a godsend. Not specifically crafting (though it also allowed you to get crafting materials, which would have mitigated V2's farming of lower difficulties), but very important. Q&C allowed you to not only mitigate RNG, but allowed you to work for a reward. You weren't at the whim of a dice roll. You did fu*king legwork to get that gear you wanted. Deeds are NOT a replacement for this system.

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Personally I'd say just bring back the crafting system from the first game. Do what you must to make it fit, but either way, it is completely and entirely superior to what we have now, which feels rushed, arbitrary, and a few steps backward. It's not worth all this just to get 3 items from a mission.

Please tell me we don't have to wait for another 'free DLC' to fix these problems.

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