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Why do gunners induce suicidal thoughts in AI teammates?

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I get that the AI teammates in the game are fu*king abysmal but there are plays that the AI makes that are just truly baffling and makes me wonder how any of the Devs played with them on Legend and said this is okay.

I'm solo'ing Legend runs with bots to get the portrait for completing all careers on Legend, and after several completed careers I've taken notice to how the bots perform on each map and where they get stuck, their pathing to pickup items, and the 1 or 2 choices they make to deal with certain situations, I've actually have to path a specific way through maps to minimize the risk of them getting caught in geometries or whatever obstacle they might come across, if there's a item that you want a bot to pick up, instead of the closet bot with a empty slot to pick it up, it designates which bot to pick it up even if that bot is the last in line running up, when a bot is designated to pick up a item, their pathing just flies out the godamn window and chooses the shortest possible path to get there but doesn't take into account of the clutter in between or hazards resulting in the bot getting stuck or outright walking off a cliff. But the most glaringly rage inducing shit I've seen so far is when you're near a cliff and a gunner starts shooting, could be ANYONE even me being on the complete opposite side of the gunner away from the bots, these AI teammates immediately run to "cover" and that just so happens to be off the fu*king cliff. The most obvious one is Hunger in the Dark after you push the cart through the dark section and it barges and breaks open a wooden gate, the moment a gunner starts shooting, watch your teammmates just swan dive off the edge, there are moments where if the gunner is on the otherside of the wooden gate, EVEN if it was broken down by the cart there is a invisible wall there that prevents all range weapons from getting through, I believe alot of people should've noticed this already, I can't eliminate the gunner fast enough due to the wall and usually results in a run killer. Team fully loaded with potions, bombs, healing, healthy, bested by a gunner and a invisible barrier, sure the situation can be recoverable if the gunner was alone and I could just quickly kill him and get the bots back up, but I guess due to the roll of the dice the gunner is usually backed up by either a horde or a SV or whatever that'll prevent me from making it in time to save the bots. And what's worse is that if the gunner is still alive somehow and shooting at the hanging teammates and the teammates falls from ledging too long, the bot is permanently removed from the game, they will not respawn.


No cliff nearby? Sometimes the bots give chase even if that special is quite a distance away resulting in them running into unfavorable positions or them splitting up in a more complex area resulting in the team ripe for wiping. There was this one situation on Into the Nest, 3rd tome location, gunner was sitting near the wooden chest you see when you jump down into the area from the scaffolding, he was shooting at me, I was a slayer, I wanted to give chase but a horde triggered at the same time so I decided to tuck it in behind that tower thingy, the bots immediately starts to give chase as a horde was coming, 1 bot went down the C shaped staircases, while one of the other ones took the longway down the other staircases towards the door to exit the area, no surprise the bots got swamped and wiped in less then 30secs. This gunner wiped out the bots by shooting at me, ME!

Another instance on that forest map that I never remember it's name, gunner shooting from so far across the godamn forest, his bullets were actually disappearing before reaching us, basically no threat to the team… bots give chase. Running across the whole godamn forest into his field of fire.

I can go on for days listing all the stupid crap I've seen the bots do..

Sorry for the rant, as all this frustration has been built up over my many legend runs with bots. I could join QP legend and get the maps done that way, but I just want to get it over with and speedrun the maps and I wouldn't want to pester people to play specific maps etc. I've been playing with bots for too long, my playstyle has been molded in a way to carry bots and or sacrificing teammates for the survival of the run and I don't think it's suitable to play with actual people without pissing someone off.

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