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Why I think the WHC is highly underrated.

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This post is 100% my personal experience and opinion.

So, after 200 hours play time, I've decided to level my final two characters to 30 (Saltzpyre and Sienna) starting with Saltzpyre… I got to level 7 pretty quick and did what most Saltzpyre players did and swapped over to the BH and levelled as that class for a bit. However the same issue occurred to me that always does…. I am a terrible shot with ranged weapons, I didn't grow up playing shooters, I played fighters and strategy games, so I never developed the snap aiming others would have developed for quickly picking head shots. Which means I am better suited to melee focused characters who have ranged for specials and support.

So why not the Zealot? Well I already play as Slayer, and I personally find him to be better suited to a melee role than Zealot ever could be so it'd just be a disappointment to me… So naturally I go for the WHC, its a similar but different melee play style to the other classes.

Well, what makes the WHC worth playing? Simple, his attack speed + critical hits.

With decent attack speed (as well as Swift Slaying) and stacking as much critical hit % as you can you are constantly landing critical head shots on enemies which because of his class trait, is a 1-shot kill on any man-sized enemy. Armoured or not, it doesn't matter, you can do a light attack against a SV and one shot it if you aim right and crit.

This allows the WHC to absolutely decimate incoming hordes like a meat grinder on all difficulties.


What about Chaos Warriors and bosses? Well, if you pick the Rapier (Which frankly due to attack speed, base critical chance and double charged heavy combined with the Deathknell talent should be your weapon of choice for the WHC), You just poke the absolute hell out of their faces, a second charged attack from a Rapier is doing a lot of damage on each poke, you have amazing dodge so you can move quickly and be a true fencer with it.

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Another notable talent is Wild Fervour, this talent gives you a 8% critical hit change for 4 seconds upon the death of a taggable enemy (Meaning, it doesn't have to actually be tagged and can be killed by anyone and you get the buff) With this talent you can chain one shot after one shot on groups of Berserkers, SV or Maulers.

You have unlimited stamina against frontal light attacks, so this makes you somewhat tanky in the right conditions, amazing for picking up downed allies.

Frankly the one downside I would give the WHC is his long CD on his F ability, which is a wonderful ability, the crit rate increase will make you able to absolutely demolish any group of enemies so quickly, the knockback as well can affect bosses and elites for your allies to get a huge amount of crits onto vital targets.

That's it, these are my reasons why I think the WHC is highly underrated (At least on this reddit and by a lot of players I've spoken with) and deserves far more love and use than he gets.

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